Buffalo Exchange

What: Thrift shop

Where: Sherman Oaks, LA

Damage: $

Buffalo is the perfect place to find unique high fashion pieces that instantly become favorites and go to?s. The best part about thrift shopping is that you can trade in your old clothes for store credit to put toward your new finds.

I suggest checking out the shoe collection. And don?t be afraid to check out items in the other gender?s section.

“If you?re looking for culture what better way than to thrift from your community. I always leave Buffalo with something that people ask me about.”

Instead of looking for the clothing brand, I just tell them Buffalo Exchange. It?s all across the country.

Check it out for yourself

Urban Outfitters Surplus

What: Discount shop

Where: Sherman Oaks, LA

Damage: $$

Not terrible on the wallet but also hard to get multiple items without breaking out some bills.

I find some incredible items here that are cheaper and on their way out of fashion… which also means if they are dope and not being made anymore then no one else will have them.

“Sometimes stores like Urban feel like you?re a character in ‘The Sims’ and might see the kind of clothes on someone next time you go out. “

The Urban Surplus is a place for the thrift junkie who just got paid & wants to stand out. Win – win.

Check it our for yourself

Green Man

What: Chrystal shop

Where: North Hollywood

Damage: $$$

Not your average store especially in the up and coming neighborhood of North Hollywood where I live.

Conveniently located across the street from Ameraycan Studios where I record frequently, Green Man is the perfect shop to pick up a gift for a friend or a loved one. If you?re into Chrystal?s, incense, candles & meditation, this spot is the spot..

“Definitely isn?t easy on the budget but, in my opinion, anything you get from this shop is a great investment for the spiritual areas of your life.”

Check it out for yourself

A bit about EMAN8

Brandyn Burnette AKA EMAN8  – pronounced ?Emanate?  is the artists Jamaican middle name meaning ?come forth’.

He’s been making waves as a prolific songwriter over recent years, working with everyone from Bebe Rexha, to Jesse McCarney and wrote on Backstreet Boys new single ?Breathe’.

EMAN8 is his re-birth as an artist with music in a fresh new direction.

His new single, ?Inspired?(Out now!) is the perfect anthem for shaking off those beginning of the year cobwebs and feeling uplifted and positive!

Listen to ‘Inspired’ here


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