We head to Toronto for our latest ‘Through the artists eyes’ with rising Canadian singer/songwriter/producer, Young Clancy.

With influences spanning from Neil Young to Kanye West, Young Clancy is already one of Toronto?s most sought after beat makers and with his recent EP, Vol. II release, via Black Box Music, we asked him a few questions about his local hang-out spots, the underground scene and his favourite artists.

Vol. II is an exploration of a modern and fractured masculine perspective, with each of the individual songs reaching for love and hope over emptiness.

Young Clancy says, ?The EP as a whole is an exploration of a modern and fractured masculine perspective ?  possessing a powerful desire to do right and become a better, more whole person while lacking the emotional capacity and self-awareness to meaningfully do so. Though the subject matter of these songs can be a bit bleak, they come from a place of love.?

Listen here!

Where are you from?

Toronto, Canada, North America.

What are the best things about your hometown?

Nice folks mostly. Lots of nice parks. I’m real into parks right now. I’m not going to them all the time or whatever… but i love that they’re there. Went to Earlscourt Park recently – terrific.

Earlscourt Park, Toronto.

What are some of your favourite drinking spots in Toronto?

At the risk of repeating myself and sounding like a scumbag I don’t want to say parks. But… parks. Not Trinity Bellewoods… unless you’re trying to hear a million bluetooth speakers playing at once and be dodging frisbees and boomerangs from every direction.

I recommend Bickford Park or Riverdale Park in the east end – beautiful view of the city.
There’s also this Italian restaurant Salumi. I like to drink there because they have these small draft beers for 3 dollars that are real cute. Not that it’s even such a good deal because they are quite small – but i just love knocking those lil cuties back.

$3 beers, please! @ Salumi bar

Favourite places to chill-out?

Khmer Thai is the greatest soup of my life. Tom Yum Goon.

Dr. Laffa for shawarma or falafel if you’re in north york.

Banjara has legendary Indian food near Christie Pits (which is a park fyi).

I’m mostly a “to-go boy” to be honest. But we like Terrazza for sit-downs.

What are your go-to places on a night out?

I like the Burdock. It’s a restaurant / brewery / venue. You’re not gonna have a wild night but its gonna be nice for sure. Best sounding venue in the city.

Owl’s Club is technically a veteran’s hall but they have great events there (saddle up), karaoke nights, shows or you can just play darts in the basement.

What artists are on rotation for you?

Sugar House by Sandy (Alex G), Charli by Charli XCX & Tradition by Monsune are my favourite projects right now!

Tell us a bit about the Canadian underground music scene and any local artists we should check out?

Listen to Maddee – soulful, amazing singer new EP dropping soon. Also Louie Short – has an album out sounds like Wings / Harry Nilson, catchy with a lot of heart. Matthew Progress doesn’t have that much out currently but every piece is a classic – one of my favourite rappers. Also Bernice – we love Bernice.

What can fans expect next?

I don’t know. More music eventually!

You can keep up to date with Young Clancy on his socials below.


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