We’re back with another edition of ‘Top Travel Essentials’, where we delve into the suitcase of top artists from around the globe to discover what they really take on tour with them and the items they can’t seem to live without.

We sat down with Spain’s leading female techno DJ Fatima Hajji to get the lowdown on her life on tour. Despite her youth, Fatima Hajji has led the dance music scene for nearly two decades now. Step by step she has managed wisely to establish herself as an artist, not only in Spain but also in the rest of Europe.

She?s a specialist in bringing up her deep African origins- through more contemporary sounds, including Techno-house. She stands for freshness, audacity and ruthless grooves – an ideal medicine for having fun.

Where and when did you go on your last trip & what’s coming up next for you?

I recently flew to London for a live stream at DJ MAG HQ. Then I headed to South Italy, Salerno and the next stop (after a gig in Madrid that’s really close to my house) will be Japan and Thailand for the very first time. So, I’m really excited for this.

What 5 items are the first in your suitcase when you’re packing for a tour?

  • 2 USBs
  • RMX1000 (with proper cables)
  • a selection of vinyls
  • a book
  • and my silver Boots….and of course my headphones 🙂

What’s your most valuable piece of technology for touring?

RMX1000 + USBs while playing and my phone while travelling ?.

We all get that 5am hunger after attending a festival or show. Do you have a post-set favourite feed?

My body is on an adrenaline shock after I play so I usually don’t feel very hungry (I know I?m a bit of a freak :). BUT, sometimes and if the hotel has it I like to order an omelette with Jalape?os :-).

What do you most look forward to when you get home from tour?

My pack, 2 dogs and 2 cats. While I’m travelling there are people going to my home to take care of them and I also check on them via some cameras I have at home. But when I arrive home it doesn’t matter how long I was away for, they make a big party for me always (if the trip is longer than 3 days the cats show me they are hungry during the first 30 minutes, after this they forgive me.

Catch her on tour – dates here.

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