We’re super excited to welcome Australian producer, POOLCLVB to the mag to discuss his love for Japan and his hometown, Sydney. He’s recently teamed up with UK/Belgian singer-songwriter Moli for the release of ‘Erase’ on etcetc, which can be streamed here.

When we got wind of his love and passion for Japan and its culture, it was a no brainer on what to chat about…Tanosh?(enjoy)!

Tell us a bit about why Japan holds such a special place in your heart?

You?d be pressed to find a Japanese book I don’t have. It’s the deeply spiritual culture based around mindfulness that is most infatuating to me. Living with less stress, better health and greater happiness. But being there, feet planted on the ground is just really special to me, everything has meaning.

Adding to that – the people, who are just the most generous, thoughtful and kind people ever, my addiction to Sashimi and Saki and the overall wackiness…I’d live there in a heartbeat.

When you visit, where are your favourite hangouts?

My favourite city is Kyoto. It was originally the capital of Japan so has so much history and culture; you can really immerse yourself in tradition. In contrast to that, they have a really cool nightlife, lots of amazing whisky and sake bars you can just hop around.

In Tokyo, after a day of exploring, almost every time you?d find me winding down at Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku, a laneway stacked with little Izakaya bars*.

*Izakaya = a type of informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks.

Best Coffee in town?

Vending machines of course! My personal preference is Black ?Boss? Coffee, served hot in a can for 130yen. About $1.70AUD.

Top Bars

Death Match – Shinujuku: Situated in the Golden Gai, amongst 250 other tiny bars seating barely 8 people. Wayne from Waynes World is your bar tender and Death metal the theme. The whole placed oozes pop culture stemming from B grade horror films, and punk rock memorabilia you didn’t even know existed.

Omoide Yokocho – Narrow maze of alleyways, with tiny Izakaya bars stacked on top of each other. Serving Yakitori, draft beer and Sake!.. Affectionately known as Memory Lane, cause either you make some new ones, or lose a heap!

JBS Jazz Bar – Just a 70 year old white-beared heavily smoking jazz cat, sat behind a bar slinging whiskey and playing dusty jazz and blues vinyl.. Heaven!

Exploring Golden Gai…

Hello Dolly – Kyoto – Stumbled on this in the backstreets of Kyoto, one of the slightly trendier watering holes. Sit at the bar and just admire the vinyl collection.

Top 5 eating joints..

Shin Koyo Ramen – Hands down the best ramen I’ve ever tasted, slurp loud and proud.

Kuon Udon Noodle – The perfect noodle, served with tempura skewers.

Omoide Yokocho – Yakitori grilled to perfection, draft beer and Sake!

Family Mart – Konbini, or convenience store food is big business. It?s real food, freshly made. Anything from ramen to spaghetti bolognese.

Tokyo Disney Land – Turkey leg, marinated in Soy or Teriyaki. Looks like something out of The Flintstones.

Where do you go to relax?

I would usually start my day with morning meditation in Yoyogi or Gyoen National Garden, or the closest park or temple garden.

I recently experienced a Capsule Hotel for the first time, and I’ve never had a better sleep in my life.

Where do you go to party?

Situated in Shibuya, the primo district for music and fashion, you can’t go past WOMB, regarded worldwide as one of the best techno parties featuring headline artists from around the world, and some real amazing local DJ?s. AIR would have to be my favourite, I saw Dereck Carter there, one of my idols, a pioneer of Chicago House, and was lucky enough to perform there myself in 2018.

Your 5 essential items you take on tour…

Noise cancelling headphones | Book | Earplugs | Film camera | Sound card


Best Coffee in town…

For me, it?s all about the vessel. I have these beautiful hand made ceramics from Provider store in Sydney, mum got me an espresso machine for Xmas, so i’ve been enjoying the home made, slow and steady vibe, let’s call it a morning mindful coffee making mantra. But if you?re looking for a plug, I gotta shout out Blood Hound in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Top 5 Bars/Pubs…

The Little Guy // Syd – My most favourite, ring the bell and buy the bar a shot if you?re feeling generous. Live music, and the most wonderful staff. Often have my work meetings there.

The Baxter Inn // Syd – Inner city hot spot, hidden down an alley behind some dumpsters, you walk in and its immaculate, prohibition era style themed serving the biggest whiskey range in Sydney.

Frankie’s Pizza // Syd – Pizza, Beer and Whiskey apples, with pinball and rock n roll karaoke.

The Erskineville Hotel // Syd – My local watering hole, straight up dog friendly pub and the best parmigiana you?ll ever have.

Shady Pines // Syd – old time rock n roll American theme, moose heads on the wall, complimentary peanuts, that kinda jam!

Top 5 eating joints…

Bart Jnr // Syd –  Tuesday night pasta and natural wine specials!

Chaco Bar // Syd – for obvious reasons, if you?ve read this far…

Sake // Syd – For a fancy japanese feast, michelin star chef, extravagant desserts.

Ben?s Burgers // Bris – Best burger in town, no changes allowed.

Rising Sun // Syd – They do a bacon and egg breakfast ramen, and it’s insane.

Where do you go to relax?

Morning sunrise, meditation and swim at Clovelly is my absolute favourite thing to do. ?: Kate Ferguson

Where do you go to party?

I?ve been immersing myself in more live music lately, recently saw Bob Moses play at The Metro, Tourist perform at Oxford Art Factory and an amazing set from Four Tet at Days Like This festival.

What’s coming up next for you?

I?ve just released my latest song ?Erase? featuring Moli, an incredible artist from the UK. The response has been amazing, it’s very humbling. Within the lyrics, she?s held up a mirror to my own life experiences, it’s been really special working with her. I just want to make music that connects on a personal level, and gives people a deeper and more meaningful exchange.  

Right now, I’m putting the final touches on the next tour, under my Los Palmas brand, with one of my favourite international artists joining me for a run of shows across Australia. Some very exciting collaborations in the works, I’ve just been immersing myself both sonically and in respect to the collaboration process, opening myself up to new methods and techniques, and going to LOTS of live shows.

What Aussie artists should we be keeping an eye on in 2020?

Fabich, Pat Lok, Buoy, Cassian, Tiff Cornish and Moli.

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