Born in Spain and raised in Germany, Tim always had a passion for music. He started drumming aged 12 and later got introduced to electronic music. Switching out drumsticks for turntables, Tim has spent a lot of time working on his production style and released his debut single ‘Echo’ in 2019. The follow up single ‘I Just Want You’ surpassed 3 million streams to date, making Tim an artist to watch. A solid array of releases soon followed, with Tim also showing his DJ skills on his Twitch channel each month. Now, he’s ready to build momentum with his latest offering ‘Somebody’. 



What local festivals are you heading to this summer or do you have any staycations planned? 

This is a tough question concerning the current situation, since rules are still pretty strict in Germany. However, I am trying to focus on getting some gigs in Spain, which seems to be more likely than at home! 

Do you personally have a gig coming up which particularly excites you? 

I do, just not in front of a live audience unfortunately. However, there is a live stream planned for each release, which excites me and keeps me motivated and going. 

Where do you currently live and what do you enjoy most about it? 

I am currently living in Hamburg, Germany. What do I enjoy most about it? Well since I grew up in Spain, it is not the weather in Hamburg that’s for sure. Most of all I really like the people and the night life which is always a good time, especially in Hamburg (when there isn’t a global pandemic). 

What/who did you miss the most over the last year of lockdown? 

During the lockdown, I missed traveling, probably like most people. As mentioned before, the rules in Germany are pretty strict. I cannot wait to hang out with my friends again! 

Tell us about any skills you have gained over the last year? 

I definitely improved my cooking and baking skills like a lot of people did during this weird time. I am also a dedicated stroller now. FaceTime and talking to friends online have also become a big thing for me.

Please share your latest track/creation inspiration here…

My team and I tried to present a track which addresses a big audience and motivates them to dance and sing along. The thrilling vocal was supposed to activate listeners wherever they are, whether during a car ride, at the beach with friends or by themselves at home. I feel like we were able to achieve that goal with my new single “Somebody”.  

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