Discover the capital's best bars through the eyes of an International Radio host & DJ

Delve into the wonderful city of Reykjavik with a deluge of wonderful bars on offer.

We’ve had a soft spot for Iceland and its lively nightlife for a while now, bringing our Beats Travel tours to the capital city, Reykjavik since 2017.

The world is beginning to open up again & so we’ve enlisted the help of international DJ and Radio host, Frank McWeeny to share some of his favourite spots from his visits to Reykjavik – from Reggae nights to secret menus & more.


Prikið describes itself as a ‘Cozy watering hole with brews on draft, plus big portions of breakfast fare & pub grub.’

Frank says, “These are the best burgers in town during the day, and a great night out on Friday and Saturday nights. Fridays are the best old school hip hop night in town. Icelanders absolutely love hip-hop! I’ve always had the best time there.”

The establishment has collaborated with local eatery, CHIKIN to create pop-up ‘Not so secret menus.’ They choose inspirational artists from the city to collaborate with by designing the back of the menus & even limited-edition cans of beer; pretty damn cool!

‘We handpick artists for this project to illustrate the backside of the menu, each menu only comes in 100 copies and is numbered by hand.’ – Team Prikið.

Why not support these local heroes who are supporting their own local artistic heroes and satisfy your belly while you’re there! It’s all love. Visit their Instagram. We think it’s one of the best bars in Reykyavik and so will you!


“This is definitely the place to find the best DJs in town. It’s a tiny place with raucous energy. My best gigs in Iceland by far!” – Frank McWeeny.

Check them out on Facebook.

Bar Ananas

“If you’re looking for somewhere more relaxed to kick back then check out this friendly hangout spot. I’ve been to some fun reggae nights there!” – Frank McWeeny.

Check out their Instagram here.

Pablo Discobar

“If you’re looking for some fancy cocktails and disco music then this is the place for you.” – Frank McWeeny.

Check them out on Instagram here.


“This is also a very good club that hosts open mic comedy nights for something different during mid-week.” – Frank McWeeny.

Check them out on socials here.

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