Super Disco Club is the hot new project by DJ Producer Andy Van and Singer / Songwriter Cassie Van.  Under this moniker, the prolific pairing has been delivering a run of underground hits, supported by taste makers and DJs in the know.  Now celebrating their breakthrough single: ‘We Are One,’ the pair reconnect clubland and fuel the Disco fires of 2021.

First appearing on the commercial hit: ‘Dont Call Me Baby’ (which returned to dominate the charts once again in 2019, alongside new remixes by: Mousse T, Patrick Topping and Spencer Parker), their impact made an instant mark upon the industry.  If you were to champion the vibe that Super Disco Club encapsulates, we’d suggest you think back to the glory days of Disco, craftily merged with the modern House movement.  Stepping beyond the current flavour of cut and paste reworks, Super Disco Club proudly presents a production prowess that’s been meticulously honed over many years.  Not only fanatical about quality, but professionals that actually like to let loose and dance. The act provides a creative outlet for the duo, merged with the unadulterated enjoyment electronic music offers.

Taking their illustrious history as independent Artists, the formation of ‘Super Disco Club’ was a natural progression for the duo.  Settling back into the studio, we are now treated to a discography that will impress any ardent Disco and House fan.  Kickstarting 2021 with their debut release: ‘We Are One,’ this is just the beginning for this innovative act.  There’s already a string of singles and unique collaborations seeding their way onto the scene.  Destined to land with a sizable mark, watch Super Disco Club roll straight to the top of the charts, fueling dance floors and keeping it ‘Disco’ all the way!


What have you guys been up to, to keep busy over the recent difficult times? 

It was tough last year when covid hit, as it was with many other countries. Melbourne did quite a few very strict lockdowns, which was hard, but now Australia is one of the few countries in the world to be pretty-well COVID free. And even better here now in Melbourne

where Cassie & I are based, all clubs are open and super packed! I DJ at venues with crowds of 1500+ patrons every week, going crazy, so life is really great here now.

How did you stay positive when gigs were getting postponed or cancelled? 

We kept busy, we have 2 young kids, but also worked over 25 tracks & bootlegs, so it was actually a super creative time for us.

Tell us about your new Super Disco Club Project?   

We are so excited that it’s finally happening & we are releasing tracks. The SDC sound is inspired or has samples from Disco House & Italo house tracks from the 70s & 80s and generally with catchy vocal hooks over the top. I produce the tracks & Cassie writes an/or performs the vocals on a lot of the tracks.

Now that bars, pubs and restaurants are re-opening globally, what are you most looking forward to? 

I DJ at nightclubs such as The Albion in Melbourne, which is awesome. Now that we’ve started releasing tracks such as Happiness featuring an iconic 90s iconic artist, & more Clubs & Festivals are all opening, we are hoping to do some gigs in the second half of the year.

What is on the horizon for you musically? 

We have lots of tracks we worked on, so now we are getting them all ready for release.

And of course putting together music videos & promotional things.

If you could travel anywhere in the next year, where would it be? or are you planning some staycations where you live? 

Would love to get back to the States, we have a lot of friends in LA and we love it there.  We’ve done a lot of Mixups for Radio FG in Paris, so we’d love to go there at some point too.

Please share your inspiration for your latest track here… 

It’s called We Are One, and contains a super catchy Synth line from a big Studio 54 Anthem from the early 80s. Cassie wrote the lyrics, which were then sung by a singer from LA. It’s all about coming together in the club, feeling united and liberated by the music

Tiktok: @superdiscoclub



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