Q1. What gigs or festivals are you heading to this summer, physically or virtually?

The next gig ill be going to is actually this weekend and its the first event back where i’m not gigging and spending it on the dancefloor. During lockdown i’ve discovered a DJ called Marron and i’ve been dying to see him play as soon as I saw the lineup announced for E1 London it had to be booked. It’s my Birthday weekend as well so I will be having a big one. DVS1 is also on the bill so I’m ready to be hypnotised till 7am.

Q2. Do you have a gig coming up which particularly excites you? 

I’m currently working on a Moments In Time event, it will be the first one for the label so i’m particularly excited about launching this one. Hopefully it will be the first in many MIT events going into 2022.

Q3. Funniest memory from any gig or festival?

I have a particular memory of a gig in Scotland where I was playing a 3hour set in a dark room. It was packed and i was around 2hours into my set all of a sudden the sound started going crazy and the system quality was totally wrong, as i called over the promoter a voice came over the speakers saying IS EVERYBODY HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!!!! Everyone then looked at me as if i was on the mic haha then the sound got even worse and i stopped the music. I later found out that an old sound tech from the venue had come back to the venue drunk/fucked and jumped into the sound tech booth and was messing around with everything and decided he was going to host haha. Safe to say he was dragged out by the bouncers quite quickly and I cracked on with the last hour. Only in Scotland haha!

Q4. What/who did you miss the most over the last year of lockdown? 

I was fortunate enough that all my family and friends where not to badly affected from lockdown and was able to keep in touch with everyone. I mainly missed being able to play music and test records I was making all year. It felt like a super long road back to the dancefloor.

Q5. Tell us about any skills you have gained over the last year? 

Wow ok where do i start, i started playing tennis, picked up golf regularly again worked on fitness, cooking skills. Expanded my label and learned a ton of new tricks in the studio. I quickly ran out of projects and targets during lockdown so i kept adding new things to my skill set.

Q6. Please share your latest track/creation here… 

My EP on The Meaning Of Rave will be released on the 30th of August and is already supported by Amelie Lens and Dax J.

Summer Groove Q’s

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