sUb_modU announces debut album ‘Decent to the centre” and limited edition 7 inch “Expense Shit, plus shares teaser from the new album, “Impressions / I am Thousands”

sUb_modU – Impressions / I am Thousands


sUb_modU – Descent To The Centre


“This is another one that went down a storm” Ross Allen (NTS), Best of 2020 

“Quite a lot of people have been asking me about that Fela Kuti cover…”   Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music) 

“A killer electronic-filled reinterpretation” – Twistedsoul

With further support from Virgil Abloh (Off White), TRENCH & DJ Mag

“Impressions / I Am Thousands” is the new release from Berlin-based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist sUb_modU, aka the brainchild of Italian Romeo Sandri. Both songs form part of the jazz musician’s debut album ‘Descent To The Centre’, a record that is an autobiographical and existentialist account of oneself, blending the electric/psychedelic spectrum of jazz with house, avant-garde and ambient leanings.

Following on from “Pidgin Synths EP”, a releases that entangled a homage to afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti with synth-heavy original material, sUb_modU has amassed an impressive list of tastemaker support through his unique reinterpations, from the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music), Ross Allen (NTS) and Virgil Abloh (Off White). Alongside the release of his debut album is a special edition, double A side single, 7” featuring an exclusive 45 Centre Edit of the iconic “Expensive Shit” paired with a sUb_modu original “RAM Generation”

The first taster of the record, “Impressions” is an empty canvas inspired by live recordings of Miles Davis, from the psychedelic period (late 60s, mid 70s). Romeo uses dilated and spacious compositions against a background of percussion to thread a narrative of his own impressions and interactions with nature through the use of the soprano saxophone. “I Am Thousands” is the result of electronic experimentation, while exploring the fragmented self and the ephemeral complexities of life; “there are many aspects of myself that need to be taken care of, as there are thousands of me” Romeo explains.

‘Descent To The Centre’ is the result of a natural process, a concept of allowing musical passions to flow organically in the midst of Romeo’s daily experiences. In the words of the artist “it’s about the direction towards the centre, finding the nature within me, at my inner core. As astronomers say “we are all made from stardust” – we are all interconnected to the universe, this makes me feel inconsequential while simultaneously part of something immense.”

Born and raised in Aosta, a small tourist town in the Alps, this beautiful hometown of outstanding nature and mountain ranges acted as a catalyst for Romeo’s musical ambitions, creating a wanderlust to go beyond these borders. Studying classical music as a child and citing listening to Symphony no.6 by Tchaikovsky as a pivotal movement in his musical development, for Romeo music is simply “food for the soul”.

sUb_modU is influenced by an array of music such as 60s/70s electric/psychedelic jazz, productions from the electronic kraut period (Tangerine Dream), Detroit & Chicago House, avant-garde & free jazz, soul, black music, hip-hop, ambient music, Sam Gendel, Jeff Parker, Gill Scott Heron reimagined by Makaya McCraven, the list goes on…  

sUb_modU has previously released on BBE and Agogo Records, collaborated with Matteo Cigna in a Roman Amphitheatre, toured around Europe with various projects and performed at Jazz Re:found, Chamoisic, Apolide and Nylon festival. ‘Descent To The Centre’ sees sUb_modU push the boat out to glorious new extremes, an ambitious project from the avant-garde newcomer that is rooted in jazz standards.

CD & 7” download card includes full album ‘Descent To The Centre’ & bonus “Pidgin Synths EP”. 7” also includes an exclusive edit of “Expensive Shit (45 Centre Edit)”


Descent To The Centre 

TRUCD413 / TRU413D. Digital & CD. CD also includes “Pidgin Synths EP” 

  1. Impressions
  2. All Around 
  3. Expensive Shit (Centre Edit)
  4. Air Eater
  5. I Am Thousands 
  6. Reconnection 
  7. Gravity 
  8. No Anaesthetic
  9. Saharan Dream 
  10. Attempting The Descent 
  11. Sighting Of The Centre


Expensive Shit (45 Centre Edit) / AA RAM Generation

TRU7410. 7” exclusive to Bandcamp. Download card includes ‘Descent To The Centre’, “Pidgin Synths EP” & digital version of “Expensive Shit (45 Centre Edit)” 

  1. Expensive Shit (45 Centre Edit)
  2. RAM Generation 

Impressions / I Am Thousands

Digital Single / TRUDD405

  1. Impressions 
  2. I Am Thousands

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