Acclaimed producer, DJ, label owner and musical pioneer Steve Bug?s influence on the musical landscape is, at this stage in his career, well documented. With roots in Germany?s legendary club scene and fans around the world thanks to his enviable catalogue of releases, the influence of his label Poker Flat, and his famously exemplary DJ sets, Steve is a singular artist with a lucid and passionate approach to his craft.

His previous LP Paradise Sold alongside Langenberg was released in 2018 to critical acclaim, and described as ?elegantly euphoric? by Mixmag. Out this month, his new album Never Ending Winding Roads is an entirely solo release however, with much of it produced during the months of enforced isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the track titles reflect Steve?s headspace during this time, with themes of solitude, contemplation and reflection brought to the fore perhaps more than with any of his previous work.


Do you follow any fitness YT videos or channels, use a local personal trainer?

Since bouldering and climbing is my second biggest passion after music, I follow a lot of climbers, boulderers, and several bouldering/climbing gyms. There are also many competitions that are fun to watch, and all of these things together are also sort of educational for my own progress.  And for almost two years now I?m using a personal trainer about once a week to build strength and stamina. I originally went there to stabilize my right shoulder, it was sort of loose and caused some issues during my climbing/bouldering sessions. So it started on a therapeutic level, and shaped into a supporting and balancing routine for the climbing/bouldering workouts.

Throughout lockdown or prior, have you used any motivational/ fitness apps?

Before I started bouldering, I tried various body weight training apps (and even earlier, videos) but the results never really satisfied me. They helped to keep my fitness level, but never raised it. Motivation never was a problem, it was about finding what?s right for me. So I continued training with my trainer via Skype for the weeks in lockdown. On top of that I used an app called Climbing Coach, created a routine around my training board and the gear I had at hand in my apartment. That really helped me to stay fit and sane.

What have you found to help your mental health throughout the last few months? any particular cbd oil/ vape products?

Nothing like that, but bouldering/climbing on a regular level is a proven stress reliever. It also strengthens your mind, it helps to stay focused, and it helps to understand fear and overcome it. Bouldering/climbing releases feel-good endorphins and it helps people to fight depression.

Using the extra time (as a result of not touring) to be in the studio, meeting with friends, and enjoying the sun as much as possible on top of that, made the last few months more than bearable.

What are your favourite brands / products have you been using throughout lockdown in the home? (could be generic day to day, or even for yoga etc..)

I definitely used my training board by Antworks more than ever before, it?s been a true life saver during the time the gyms were closed. I also did some yoga sessions with Rodney Yee, who has some great video classes on iTunes for example. Apart from that I have to say that the lockdown accelerated my thoughts on what?s really necessary to have. We are consuming way too many things, way too thoughtless, and we are throwing them away after a rather short use, because there is a follow up, or another item to replace it. I’ve realized that I can let go of many things. In the future I will change my way of consumption, I will buy less, more sustainable, and eco friendlier than before. And I will buy only stuff that?s really needed, plus a very few guilty pleasures here and there.

Have you been creative throughout the last few months, and modified your usual daily routines or fitness regimes?

As I mentioned above, during the lockdown I did work out a lot at home, I used an app for my climbing training, i used my trainings board effectively, did more yoga from video instructors, personal training through Skype, and I did go running at least once a week as well, just to do some sports outside. That differs a lot from my usual routine, which includes up to three bouldering/climbing sessions and the personal training at a gym, to which I ride my bicycle.

Tell us more about your current exciting music projects or a new skill you are learning?

I managed to finish a new album, Never Ending Winding Roads which will be released Nov 13th. And I am truly happy with the result. I think because of the given circumstances I was able to experiment more and try out new things. It feels like from a single source, even though the tracks vary in speed, grooves and vibe.

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