The last 12 months have been momentous for Somersault, from performing throughout Berlin and at Amsterdam Dance Event, to signing releases on Audiojack’s Gruuv, Ben Rau’s META and Kerri Chandler’s MadTech. Heads are turning fast to this thriving force from Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by jazz-infused house, the shuffling rhythms of dark UK garage and rolling atmospheric techno, Somersault straddles the line between the delirious highs and murky lows, a sound that’s brought his unique sets to some of the most respected outdoor festivals and underground clubs. 

The talented producer has come a long way from session guitarist to forging a signature brand of completely unique and enduring, groove focussed music. Receiving support from Archie Hamilton, Groove Armada, Stacey Pullen, DJOKO, Prunk, Tobi Neumann, John Digweed, Felix Da Housecat, Laurent Garnier, Greco, Karotte, Roger Sanchez, Franky Rizardo, the list goes on and on. Finding creative comfort in a raw stripped back sound, Somersault’s recent releases have been signed to world-renowned imprints: Rawsome Deep, Whoyostro, Sit Down, Innocent and Kootz. 

His genre-bending work has also been snatched up by Suprematic, Bonzai Progressive, Bassic, Open and Subsonic Music. From dimly lit clubs to dusty bush doofs, Somersault seizes the psyche of the party. His lively DJ performances have seen him become a regular at Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Subsonic, Dragon Dreaming and Elements, along with famed brands on the club circuit: Revolver Upstairs, Goodbar, S.A.S.H and Elsewhere.

Frankie Salt interview with Somersault 

Any notable app purchases to help you through lockdown? 

It pains me to admit it, due to their scrappy payments to artists, but Spotify has been the biggest help for me over the last year and a half. I’ve discovered and revisited so much awesome music while cranking spotify in the kitchen. I love putting on old hip hop, reggae and afrobeat albums while I’m cooking.

Have you been doing any fitness classes online? 

I occasionally do yoga classes through Humming Puppy, a yoga studio based in both Sydney and Melbourne. I’ve found the guidance and structure really useful but I’ve been spending a little too much time on devices during the pandemic so I try to make my exercise and wellness time tech free.

Have you bought any tech which has kept you busy over the last 12 months? 

It’s kind of old-school tech but I bought a Spanish guitar at the beginning of lockdown. I’ve played guitar since I was a teenager but when lockdown hit I decided to learn some classical guitar with my extra time. It’s a great mental workout learning pieces from sheet music and I’m currently banking on it keeping my brain from turning to mush from all the all-nighters that come with being a DJ.

Do you now include anything in your daily routine to help you with your mental health or to keep you feeling positive? (CBD, yoga, meditation etc)? 

I practice yoga a couple of times a week. I’m a tall dude so it’s become my physical maintenance. I also make energetic music so the meditative elements do a great job of soothing my mind. I’m lucky enough to live by the ocean so spending time surfing, swimming or walking on the beach are the most important activities to keep me feeling grateful and positive. I brew kombucha and love getting all that probiotic goodness. To be honest though, the most important part of my daily routine is my morning coffee. Give me that cuppa joe and things will get done.

Are you heading to any wellness retreats etc this summer? Or what holidays do you have planned?

I would love to go on holiday soon but our current covid situation in Australia is uncertain, most of the country is in lockdown and plans are still falling apart left, right and centre. When we are allowed to travel interstate again though I’m planning to drive down to Tasmania and spend a couple of weeks camping and hiking. When the marvellous day arrives when we can travel overseas, I want to go straight to South-East Asia to explore, eat spicy food and drink beverages served in coconuts. Until then watching Anthony Bourdain is all I’ve got to escape.

Please share your latest track/ creation here…

My next EP is my debut on Amsterdam based label PIV Records, it’s out on the 27th August!

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