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‘Outside’ is the latest electro-synth track from Melbourne duo, SENNSES (Trent Broussard and Hayden Gordic). It follows on from their 2020 singles ‘Forever’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Distant Place’ each garnering strong reviews from triple j.

With comparisons to Rufus Du SolOdesza and Hayden James, ‘Outside’ fuses the duo’s love of lo-fi house and progressive synths.

Hayden further adds, “For me, this song is all about staying in your own lane, not listening to the noise and not listening to people when they say you can’t do something. It’s something we have lived by from day one, and something that has pushed us forward.”

‘Outside’ was mixed by Rob Amoruso, and mastered at Panorama Mastering. Their creative process is never the same for any song. With Trent’s atmospheric vocals, the song takes you on an ethereal journey. Trent says “Sometimes it starts with a melody recorded on my phone, sometimes it starts with a riff or chord progression, and sometimes we literally have an entire song done, and then decide to flip it on its head.” 

“Outside’ is about the negative energy that all of us have to deal with in day-to-day life, especially when we choose to pursue a goal/vision. The chorus of the song captures the sense of ‘calm’ you feel when you realise that people’s opinions don’t matter, and that only you can determine your own success.”  SENNSES

SENNSES Unveil Electro-synth Gem ‘OUTSIDE’


“Outside follows on from their huge 2020 singles, Forever, Save Me and Distant Place. This new number is a deeper feeling track with some huge atmospheric vocals over a very wide sound spectrum. With it’s huge anthem like synth stabs and punchy percussion this one is set up for the big festival feels.”

“It’s certainly leaning on that rufus appeal but you guys clearly aren’t simply imitators, there’s plenty on show to take the listener into a deep, thumping world far away from here.”
Declan Byrne, Triple j

“SENNSES going deep on this RDS / Willaris.K type of track.”
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple j Unearthed

“Hearing some of the melodic and lyrical magic that you’d get from an artist like Rufus Du Sol as well as some slightly clubbier leanings on the beat side.”
Tommy Faith,  Triple j Unearthed

“My ears are working up a sweat listening to this. dark, deep and devilishly good.”
Abby Butler  Triple j Unearthed

SENNSES Unveil Electro-synth Gem ‘OUTSIDE’

‘Outside’ is released Friday, March 5th.

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