Breakthrough Belfast House DJ/Producer Robbie Doherty burst onto the electronic circuit with his debut release ‘Pour The Milk’ on Relentless/Cr2 Records, which reached more than 37 million streams on Spotify alone since it’s release in November 2019. Robbie has secured placements in key Spotify playlists including mint, Hot Hits UK, Massive Dance Hits and UK House Music and plenty more. This was soon followed by spins on BBC R1 Dance Anthems and KISS Dance additions as well as immense club support by some of the globe’s biggest names including Michael Bibi, Skream, Pawsa, Patrick Topping, Archie Hamilton and many more. Robbie’s ascension into the UK club scene led to a maturation of his sound where he incorporates knowledge from his musical upbringing and memorable early listening influences such as funk, disco and popular mid 90s house music into his productions while maintaining his upbeat and energetic approach to house music.

Frankie Salt Interview with Robbie Doherty 

What have you been up to to keep busy over the recent difficult times? 

For me, the past 6 months have been surprisingly busy! I’m on the final push to  achieve my university degree in Bristol. On top of this I’ve been working hard on new  music for the summer.  

How did you stay positive when gigs were getting postponed or cancelled? 

At times it was hard since the pandemic hit on my breakthrough year, so I still feel  like I’ve missed out on a lot! However, I really enjoyed the opportunity to relax and  spend time with my family.  

Now that bars, pubs and restaurants are reopening, what are you most looking  forward to? 

Catching up with friends in a pub chatting absolute shit over a cold pint of the black stuff! 

What is on the horizon for you musically? 

I’m really looking forward to my forthcoming music as it really showcases the sound I  connect with when on the dancefloor. When I first started producing, I was really into deeper house music with plenty of pads and other ethereal melodic elements.  I’m excited to bring the musicality into my productions with my forthcoming PIV  release and other tracks coming out in the following months! 

If you could travel anywhere in the next year, where would it be? 

This is a hard question since there are so many places I want to return to and so much out there to see. Put me in an airport terminal though and I’d be first in line for Ibiza or Italy.  

Please share your latest track/ creation here… 

Moving Rhythms – 

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