Label boss and producer, Sant? is no stranger to travelling or moving cities with a busy year-round touring schedule spanning all over the globe. With tours to South America, Australia and the USA on the horizon, we spoke to him about his favourite places in Amsterdam, Berlin and Lisbon as well as his love aside from music – surfing.

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? : Franziska Taffelt

What cities have you lived in?

For the majority of my music career I?ve lived in Berlin but the longer I stayed there and the more often I visited my friends in Portugal, the more I thought about how cool it would be to live by the ocean.

My second biggest passion after music is surfing.  I love the coastline of Portugal and in January 2018 I decided to move out there to be able to pursue my passion for surfing; I wanted to completely change my life and be able to live in the sun.

That was the reason for leaving Berlin where I had lived for over 15 years.

What are the main differences between the cities?

Everything is different. Berlin is all about clubbing & bars and going out. Everybody in Berlin seem to be working in the creative/music industry or does some form of creative work.

In Portugal I live a very calm and relaxed lifestyle. All my friends are into surfing and it’s all about having a good time and sharing some amazing waves together. Fashion, influencers and media have no influence here; but I visit Berlin on a regular basis to get inspired, meet old friends and go clubbing, so it’s a big luxury for me to be able to enjoy both worlds.

Sant?’s City Hotspots…


I never actually lived in Amsterdam but I can tell you my favourite spots from when I?ve played in Amsterdam or come here for the ADE each year .


One of my favourites for coffee and Breakfast is Bakers & Roasters in De Piijp. I had great lunch recently by the Gracht (canal) at Buffet von Odette.

When I’m in Amsterdam, I usually try to eat a Rijs Tafel, a classic Indonesian style feast. My favourite places for that are Blue Pepper or Restaurant Jun, both are a bit off the beaten track. It?s usually too much of a feast to eat at lunch so probably more of a dinner treat to be honest.

Restaurant Jun

Dinner & Bars…

I’m not a big bar guy so I have to pass on this. I?d rather enjoy a great dinner before going clubbing.

Places like De Kaas are stunning. It?s an old converted greenhouse that serves only vegetables and herbs grown in their own gardens and greenhouse on site.

De Kaas 

I’m a big fan of Ron Blaauws cooking. His places are all worth a visit: Ron Gastrobar for laid back Michelin Star dining and his Ron Gastro Bar Oriental for delicious Asian Fusion.

During my last ADE I had an amazing dinner at “le Restaurant” also in the Pijp.

Record stores & studio spaces?

Well there is one that you have to visit in Amsterdam and that?s Rush Hour !



I?m not a big breakfast guy, but whenever I’m in town I tend to go to Caf? Galao to get a small gal?o, which reminds me of my new home as it’s originally Portuguese.

For lunch or dinner I can highly recommend DUDU, which is a fusion Vietnamese restaurant also located in Berlin Mitte. It serves incredible sushi rolls and other awesome Asian dishes.

DUDU‘s Secret Garden

Another restaurant I love going to is Yafo; an Israeli place in Mitte with great hummus.

Bars & going out(clubs)?

Even though I’m not a huge bar guy, there are a few in Berlin I go to quite occasionally. There?s a nice place called Paris bar in the west part of the city. Another good spot is Neue Oddessa Bar on Torstr, which is good for some late night drinks.

Record stores & studio spaces?

Oye Records, Space Hall and Hard Wax are the ones for me. You will find everything depending on genre and style. Another very nice studio that is always worth a visit is called Riverside. It’s close to the club Watergate.

Oye Records

Day trips out of the city?

A great thing to do is to go to a day spa called Bleiche, or you can visit many of those lakes around Berlin and go for a walk.



A nice coffee place to start your day is called Amelia. It’s super central, also quite busy in terms of tourists, but it serves great coffee!

For lunch I mostly go to Boutik because they make an amazing Pok? Bowl.

For dinner you might want to hit up the old streets of Lisbon and go to Oficina do Duque. Their menu is modern spin on classical Portuguese dishes and the mackerel is outstanding !

Bars & going out(clubs)?

One of the best nightclubs is called LUX; they have some amazing lineups all year. If you come during the summertime, have a look at the open-air events and festivals.

Record stores & studio spaces?

There is one great store called Carpet & Snares and they have a serious collection ranging from techno to minimal.

Day trips out of the city?

If you?re into surfing there are more than 180 spots around the coastline to choose from. You will need to check the conditions but you will find a wicked wave depending on your skill level.

I can also recommend Comporta or Setubal, both of which have beautiful landscapes and lagoons.

Fort of Saint Philip, Setubal, Portugal. ?: Diego Delso

What?s next for yourself as an artist as well as your label Avotre?

I?ve just released the first of two remix packs from my latest album ?Current II?, which came out in May. The second one, EP2, will be dropping on December 13th and both feature a host of really cool producers.

I also have a sample pack coming out on December 12th via Loopmasters ? Sant? Presents: The Sound of Avotre, which is another follow up to the album.

I?ll also be releasing several singles and EP?s as well as doing a South America, US and Australia tour. I also have to prepare for the summer season!

Thanks Sant?! You can keep up to date with him on the socials below.


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