The enigmatic, talented People Taking Pictures returns today with a fresh offering in ‘The Ultimate Nothing’.

Featuring vocalist Cruz Patterson (Koi Child), the track is an insatiable two and a half minute journey; grooves and immersive rhythms meets almost spoken word. The dreamlike intensity makes this single a fitting addition to the People Taking Pictures body of work, one that is growing strong.

The new project from Perth musician Luke Parish (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets), People Taking Pictures fuses eclectic sonic influences from across the realms of indie, psych and in this case, R&B and hip hop ultimately creating a fresh and contemporary sound.

The Ultimate Nothing came about from a demo myself and Angus Young (featured on keys) recorded many years ago and from there it just kind of evolved, I wanted it as a kind of interlude on the upcoming album but once I’d recorded and mixed it I felt as though it was too good to be some filler.”

Shining in its nuance and clear ear for production and arrangement, ‘The Ultimate Nothing’ is a natural step forward in Parish’s creative evolution.

“ The song is really about being present through the breath and was a kind of ode to Ram Dass who passed away last year. I used to watch so many of his lectures and he always seemed to shift my perception about things in such a beautiful way. It was about being present and just sitting with your breathing and processing your thoughts and being present and mindful. I feel as though people need that more than ever now with how turbulent the world is.” People Taking Pictures

Taking the hazy, blissed out  energy of the song and matching it through the visuals, the music video for ‘The Ultimate Nothing’ definitely stays true to the core of the track. Vivid colours clash and bleed in together as the vocals warp and hypnotise.

Part of the whole journey of People Taking Pictures for me has also been creating videos in a very similar way to how the music is made, by kind of layering lots of different things and kind of making these VHS looking clips. This one I really tried to teach myself some animation more than relying on lots of external content.” People Taking Pictures

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