Brooke Toia PKA Penny Ivy isn’t afraid to express her emotions and explore love from a divergent perspective, proving that with her brand new single ‘Different’.

Brisbane born singer-songwriter Penny Ivy has been a naturally gifted songstress her whole life, making splashes on feature films and being in studio sessions with some of the biggest artists in the country. Now, she focuses her attention on what she knows best, writing melodically epic pop songs that focus on love and the relationships between people.

Penny Ivy began the song alongside collaborator and producer Luis Mateer, who has an impeccable catalogue for incredibly catchy music across multiple genres. Then they were able to get across the melodies Penny Ivy had voice memoed in the shower and began creating ‘Different’. The lyricism is without question a highlight of the track, flowing perfectly in between blissful production that puts the song directly into a sparkling spotlight. To bring together the production and finish the song, ‘Different” was then put in the lap of Brisbane producer James Angus (Example, Carmouflage Rose, Veronicas). Speaking on putting the finishing touches together Penny Ivy says:

“James Angus was able to help us make the production sparkle a bit more and engineer my vocals to get them perfectly in line with the feeling of the track. Both James and Luis did an incredible job creating this song.

Telling us of what inspired the track Penny shared:

“I wrote Different one night in the shower, around the time when covid first hit. All of the melodies came to me at once and I remember being really annoyed my phone wasn’t in reach to record a voice memo so I ran out (yes- wet and naked), grabbed it and got it down. The next day or so I kept singing the chorus melody and out of the mumbo jumbo I kept singing “Diff-e-rent, Diff-e-rent..” The whole lyric came so easy after that…”

Going on to explain the concept behind the song Penny shares:

“…I feel like I’ve experienced toxic kinds of relationships and seen it in others. This song is about how no one outside can ever really understand your relationship with someone and unless it’s abusive, really, it’s no one’s business how you love each other.”

Never thinking a career in the music industry could be a reality, Penny Ivy signed a publishing deal with The Kennel (UMPG) in 2015 to pursue a songwriting career in Sweden where she spent the next 4 years honing her craft alongside some of the best writers and artists in the world. During her time in the Nordics, Brooke wrote tracks for Maxi PriestAdelén, CD9, Sezairi, LOONA and Chris Kläfford who’s 2018 single ‘What Happened To Us’ went Platinum.

On the back of years of personal songwriting success, Penny Ivy is ready to dive into her own artistry, and welcomes you into her world and the complexity of love, loss and everything in between…



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