There’s a progressive arc in the sound of PaperMacheTiger’s music, incorporating the acid and techno sounds of Detroit and Berlin whilst also delving into the underground house sounds that reference London and Chicago and in turn exploring the deeper underground flavours that encapsulates dance music culture as a whole. The wide-spanning influences which shape their productions are testament to their deep roots as artists. A dedication to explore underground electronic house music in all its forms, taking in a wealth of influences from various genres.

PaperMacheTiger’s compositions are shrouded with something like the veil that separates the future from the present. All their music feels like a journey into the art of production made with an apperception of the sounds from the wider electronic music scene, exploring the narratives of ‘what is electronic dance music’. The music is engaging, yet thought provoking, which can be enjoyed equally on the dancefloors or via popular listening mediums.

New music sees PaperMacheTiger on remix duties for the Perry Farrell/Janes Addiction Anniversary remix boxset, alongside the likes of Maceo Plex, Solomun, Booka Shade, The Avalanches, Francois K and UNKLE to name a few. The boxset – ‘The Glitz; The Glamour made up of nine vinyl records as well as a digital release is a 35-year retrospective of the life, music and art that looks into the fabulous world of this unique artist Perry Farrell.

Frankie Salt interview with PaperMacheTiger

What have you been up to, to keep busy over the recent difficult times? 

During these unprecedented times, we just got deep into the music, the creation process. What I found was that it freed up time and mental headspace to focus on being creative. We weren’t out gigging and at stages we were literally confined to our homes as a result it meant that there was the ability to sit in the studio and just explore creative possibilities. Luckily, we both have a studio space to work from so that made it easier to continue making music.

How did you stay positive when gigs were getting postponed or cancelled? 

At first it was a shock, not knowing what was going on or when it would end, however I had to keep a positive outlook, knowing that this thing we were going through wasn’t going to last forever. Of course, financially it was a big thing as one of the sources of income was hit hard, but again it gave me a chance to review what I was doing and other ways in which I could work and at least make something of the situation.

Now that bars, pubs and restaurants are reopening, what are you most looking forward to? 

I did a COVID respectful event the other week in Ibiza and it was just nice to play in front of people and with others, the streams were fun yet hard work and allowed DJs to still be visible to the community, but they aren’t anything compared to playing in front of people and working an audience, this feeling is what is special about DJing

What is on the horizon for you musically? 

Musically as PaperMacheTiger, we continue with the heavy production and release schedule. We had so much time to make music and we really jumped on it, as a result we basically have a release almost every month, but lockdown and the pandemic just meant that we went into overdrive on the music making side of things. Outside of PMT, Dylan is releasing a lot of solo stuff and I’ve been working with August Artier and other producers on projects, so there is a whole load of music about to drop. Exciting times, can’t wait for you all to hear it

If you could travel anywhere in the next year, where would it be? 

To a place that offers tranquillity, energy and excitement, I recently went to Amsterdam and realised that I hadn’t been in a big city for almost two years, it was nice to feel that buzz of the city. I am not fussy where it will be but somewhere that will make me take a deep breath and smile.

Please share your latest track/ creation here… 

We’ve got a new release coming out on Deep Fix, a super cool underground label, it is called Way of Life EP, there are three tracks on it that are all about the deeper underground side of electronic music.

PaperMacheTiger – WAY OF LIFE

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