HAYES (real name Thomas Hayes) has recently released His new single ?Where I Belong?, pulling inspiration from his own experiences trying to find his place in the world and as an artist.

The half British and half Norwegian DJ and Producer began his career as an actor in the drama series and international phenomenon Skam, before making the shift into music. We spoke to him about his tips for visiting Asker(Oslo), acting, festivals and more.

Where are you from?

I?m from a town called Asker. Asker is part of the Greater Oslo Region, and now that I live in Oslo it’s just a 20-minute ride on my motorbike if I want to visit my family.

What are the best things about your home town?

The best thing about Asker is that it features nearly everything that nature in Norway has to offer. The fjord, lakes, forests and a few small mountains perfect for hiking are all at your disposal, and still Oslo is just a short train- or busride away..

Do you have any suggestions on places to go/eat/drink/party in your home town?

There are a few restaurants, but to be honest, I’ve never been. When I’m in Asker I’ll eat in my mother?s kitchen!

You starred in the Norwegian TV show ‘Skam.’ Was music always the plan after acting?

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Music has always been one of my main interests. But Skam and Sony (my record label) have given me the opportunity to focus on, and work with, music on a professional level.

Who are your musical influences?

Calvin Harris, Avicii, Jay Z and fellow Norwegian CLMD.

Favourite festival you’ve been to?

My favourite festival has to be Glastonbury. I have been there twice with my family, and just love everything around Glasto. The music, the people, the size of it all. There’s just so much to do!

Which festival would you most like to play at and why?

Glastonbury! Would be fun to experience it from the other side, and I would definitely want to bring my dad there.

Tell us about your new tune ‘Where I Belong? with Nico & Vinz…

This isn’t just my debut, but also one of the first songs that I’ve worked with from start to finish, so it will always be special to me. When it was almost done we were talking about how Nico & Vinz would be perfect as featuring artists, but it was still pretty surreal that they accepted our offer. They really connected with the message of the song, even changing some of the lyrics, and contribute so much more than just their vocal skills.

Was it important for you to incorporate acting into the music video?

I think it?s just a natural way to go. I love music and acting, and to combine both is just heaven to me.

What can fans expect next from HAYES?

More music. And hopefully gigs. Need to brush up my skills if I’m to impress the people who book Glastonbury…

You can keep up with HAYES on his socials below!


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