Nicky Night Time and Ali Love have collaborated for a hypnotising new single ?Ubiquity feat. Breakbot?. Filled with classic disco flair, funk riffs, and infectious vocals the track instantly encapsulates a dreamy dance-floor moment.

With each artist living in a different country, ?Ubiquity? has already made its way around the globe, Ali Love explains how the track came together, ??Ubiquity? started its life in Australia with Nicky Night Time as a drum and guitar track. Then made its way to London where I added electric bass and vocals very early in the morning. I recall there were about 8 Japanese girls in my flat for some reason, so you could say that really added to the song?s vibe. You can feel there?s a party happening. The tune then travelled to LA where, by chance, Nicky drafted in Breakbot, who wrote the amazing string and horn parts, and sent the song into the stratosphere. The stars have aligned and the vibe is ubiquitous.Nicky Night Time adds ?It was a love project really and I think we felt it was a cool thing just to put out into the world between the 3 of us amigos.?

Widely respected Australian producer Nicky Night Time first arrived on the scene during the height of the electro-pop wave, touring alongside the likes of Phoenix, Daft Punk, Bloc Party and more. Traversing between various genres, Nicky Night Time has added his touch to Elderbrook?s ?Capricorn? and ?Numb?, as well as working with the likes of Nick Littlemore (PNAU), Touch Sensitive, Cut Snake and more!  Recently spending time touring and producing alongside Nat Dunn for their project – NAATIONS. Together the duo featured and co-wrote ?Nowhere To Go? with Hayden James as well as ?Real Life? with Duke Dumont and Gorgon City which has amassed over 65 million streams!

?Ubiquity? is out now via Sweat It Out and Music To Dance To


Listen to Ubiquity


How did you guys come together to collaborate on funk-filled Ubiquity?

3 years ago I woke up in Ali?s East London flat. Well the walk-in wardrobe actually where I was crashing which is actually his studio as well and Ali came in and said put on the mic I gotta vibe !! We recorded the whole song within a matter of minutes !! Like maybe 30 minutes tbh!

Then last year in Los Angeles I played it to Thibaut ( Breakbot ) and asked if he wanted to work on finishing it with me so we slayed down some more keys and drums on it and then his brother helped with the string arrangement and yeah that?s pretty much how it happened!

It was a love project really and I think we felt it was a cool thing just to put out into the world between the 3 of us amigos.

What inspired this disco track? Do you have a favourite disco track of all time?

I didn?t really get inspired by any particular track but one of my favourite records of all time is Any Love by Rufus & Chaka Khan

Throughout lockdown or prior, have you used any motivational/ fitness apps?

I did actually use the Nike one for a bit but worked out my own little thing I do every day now!

Do you follow any fitness YT videos or channels? What gets you moving and grooving?

Honestly, I watch the news in the background as it gets me fired up and I get informed as well as doing my morning routine haha

What have you found to help your mental health throughout the last few months?

Predominantly music, friends and family, it?s very important for me to stay connected ? Also not to get too caught up with the hysteria of everything because then I find myself living in circles

What are your favourite brands / products you have been using throughout lockdown in the home? (could be generic day to day, or for yoga etc..)

I have resistant bands and my Nike trainers.

Have you been creative throughout the last few months, and modified your usual daily routines or fitness regimes?

I use resistance bands all the time now where I never used too before and that with a bit of yoga.

Tell us more about your exciting music projects for 2021 or a new skill you are learning?

I have something really exciting going up with Adam from Peking Duk ? so a lot of records with this new project  ? also some records with Chris Lake and Lorenzo being mixed now and some new Van She Tech records. On top of this my label Music TO Dance To is going to have a big year with all the music we are signing right now! So yeah a few things!

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