You may have heard of the Irish contingent of Techno girls who go by the name of MOTZ, you may not have, but one thing is for sure – you will do soon!

They’ve been on our radar for some time now and It was an absolute pleasure to hear all about their recent successes and get to know them a little better through the words of Niamh O’Connor.

You can catch them at Dimensions Festival 2019, where they will be hosting the main stage on Thursday 29th August alongside the likes of Nina Kraviz, Jeff Mills & MOTZ very own Jasmine Azarian.

How did MOTZ begin and why?

MOTZ began three years by Jasmine Azarian who was living in Berlin at the time and was inspired to create a platform which supports hard techno, new and established talent and generally to start a collective of like-minded people. Jas reached out to Stef –  another friend from Ireland who was living in Berlin to get involved and shortly after, I got a message asking if I’d like to get involved.  I knew Jas from back home in Dublin and knew immediately I’d like to get involved with the writing aspect of MOTZ. I jumped in without hesitation and I’m so glad I did!

Since then, we’ve expanded our team who consist of writers, DJs, producers and general fiends for a crusty rave. Together we plan our online magazine content, run MOTZ parties in Berlin, London and Dublin and run the MOTZ label.

What does MOTZ mean?

MOTZ is a slang word for girls in Ireland. Like if there’s a sesh head who likes to go out loads, she might be called a ‘sesh mot’. But in general, it’s slang for girls. Wan the girlos.

The meaning of MOTZ…

You’ve been asked to host a stage at Dimensions Festival 2019. How are you feeling about it?

We’re doing two bits at Dimensions this year which I am still trying to process, it’s just huge for us! Jasmine is playing with Nina Kraviz, Jeff Mills, Octave One and ABOP (live) on Thursday night at our stage The Clearing. It’s absolutely insane but makes sense – hard work 100% pays off!

On Friday, Maedbh O’ Connor (who is also part of MOTZ) will play at Jack’s Corner with System of Records, the lads from FOLD, myself and a few more. I know a good few of the artists playing Jack’s Corner that night, I have a feeling it will be fairly rowdy. H’up the parish.

What can we expect from a MOTZ gig?

It’s hard to box off a MOTZ gig to any one sound or experience.

Mixmag said our parties have ‘a sound so potent that it invokes primal behaviour in those who experience it, limbs thrown around frantically left, right and centre.’ Thank you Marcus Barnes!

For example, Jas can dip from EBM to face slapping techno in the space of a few minutes, while Maedbh has warmed up for the likes of Paula Temple but she’s also done closing sets for multiple artists. I like to go from banging techno to tacky trance, I also like a bitta DnB at the moment. We’re really looking forward to seeing where this will take us!

What 5 tracks can we expect from you in Croatia?

Sunil Sharpe – Roki

Blawan played this in Berghain on Saturday, I haven’t seen a space so lit in years. H’up Sunil!!!

Chris McCormack – Erase Techno

Listen with headphones, not one for the laptop speakers.

Jens – Psycho Strings (Bervoets & De Goeij Remix) (1999)

Tacky bangerrrrrrrr!

Peshay – Piano Tune

If the time is right, will be playing this lil beauty…

Hyped On Acid – A.Hardcore Junglism – B.Something For Your Mind

Ah why not!

Thanks Niamh!

Keep up to date with everything MOTZ are doing on the links below!


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