An intoxicating call to power, delivered with precision and unabashed boldness, new Melbourne outfit Quartz Pistol make an enticing debut with their single ?Man?. Put simply, the single is not simply a debut effort – it?s a testimony. Inspired by the work of artists including Little Dragon, Madonna and Pussy Riot, Quartz Pistol are leading from the front in producing music that is heady in its sound and strong in its messaging.

As their first release, Quartz Pistol conjures an air of mystery around themselves, arriving at a time where impassioned music has never been so relevant and crucial. For the outfit, the music stands strong first and foremost, as an introduction to their burgeoning artistry and their personal ethics.

Melbourne?s Quartz Pistol delivers lush alt-pop track with debut single ?

?Man? revels in lush production and alt-pop/R&B arrangement, it is music that could fit perfectly alongside British underground releases of the late 90?s/early 00?s as well as it does alongside music from contemporaries like BANKS and FKA twigs.

Recorded across home studio sessions in Melbourne and Tokyo, Quartz Pistol were at the helm of the creation of this single from writing to recording and production, before delivering to Grammy nominated engineer Nick Herrera (Hiatus Kaiyote, Godtet) for mixing/mastering.

Says Quartz Pistol?s Abbey Howlett, ?Man? is a reflection on the role of the ?rich, white man? in society and the powers (oft-unjustified) that can come with it. ?Like a coming of age film, the tune takes you through my negative internal dialogue and crippling anxiety as a recently heartbroken woman, angry at herself and entering her Saturn return. Writing ?Man? helped me realise I was actually angry with the effect the system was having on me; that I had allowed its values to override my own.? Abbey Howlett, Quartz Pistol

Melbourne?s QUARTZ PISTOL Delivers Lush alt-pop Track with Debut Single ?MAN'

For the music video for ?Man?, Quartz Pistol worked with videographer Athina Wilson in bringing their vision to life. Presenting the video in a 90?s DIY vibe, ?Man? injects humour in with snapshots of the tragic side of the song?s narrative. ?I wanted to capture the funny side of how tragic I had felt during that time. Crying in the bath, drinking too much wine and how I overcame those feels with my Super Babe Squad by my side. The power play at the end, between the male character and the group of tough women taunting him, flips the stereotypical narrative. Yes, It?s cliche. But it?s an ever present symbol of challenging our social conditioning. Everybody that worked on this video is a powerful, independent artist in their own right.? Abbey Howlett, Quartz Pistol

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