Mason is a defiant Dutch DJ that thrives on the unpredictable. He?s keen to draw influence from anything but the malleable and ever-changing trends that surround much of 2018?s musical inspiration.

The Beats Travel crew sat down with Mason to ask him 3 important questions to get an insight into a few of his local hotspots and what gets him through the big nights in Amsterdam?

1. Are you able to let us in on a few of your eating secret spots?

Yes you asked the right one ? I?m quite a foodie. My girlfriend is a chef and half our friends are either chefs or own restaurants. And yes, you guessed right, the other half are DJs.  The Amsterdam culinary world is booming at the minute. New exciting initiatives pop up every day. Current favorites of mine are Coba (edgy Mexican haute cuisine taco?s without all the tex-mex crap people associate with Mexican food),  Choux, Toscanini, Kaagmans & Kortekaas and Bak.  If you get lucky you can also reserve at Vuurtoreneiland in spring and summer: a little uninhabited island near Amsterdam where they only cook on fire for a limited group each evening. You get picked up and dropped off by boat from Amsterdam.

2. Favourite nightlife venues to chill-out?

I?m a sucker for old traditional Amsterdam bars, where there are drapes on the table, they serve ?bitterballen? and ?jenevers? all day and bartenders are old, crooked and smelly. My kinda place.

3. What music do you listen to in order to get through the hangover?

A lot of old music really. I think people tend to be way too preoccupied with what?s trendy these days ? while there?s soooo much amazing music behind us if you dig deep. At home I listen to lots of Afro funk, jazz, blues, and on Sunday I traditionally put on classical music. A lot of times I also prefer no music at all after 40 hours studio work and a few shows on an average week. I also have two toddlers who prefer ?The Wheels Of The Bus Go Round? anytime over my musical choices.

Mason is the genre perfectionist that fills the track with a funk infused groove, and an assortment of unusual rhythmic fills. Used to delving deep into the unknown, Mason?s new release is a dark slice of house that will fit perfectly into everyone?s afterparty playlist this winter. Released by Spinnin? Deep, Reminders of You is a feisty club house roller featuring iconic vocals from Alex Clare.

Mason ? Reminders of You is out now.

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