London is home to royals, tourist attractions and rich in cultures but it especially prides itself as one of the top destinations for shopping in Europe. Ranking at number 3 in the top 5 best cities for shopping in Europe, it looks like the English capital is a hot spot for shopping addicts. 

A new study by researchers at WeThrift has found out the best cities for shopping in Europe, the data was gathered using a ten-point criteria that includes the number of shopping centres, instagram posts, annual rainfall and number of carparks just to mention a few. By using these factors the team were able to rank each location with a score out of 100. 

With an impressive score of 74.2, London also boasts 75 flea markets in the whole city, so if you are keen on thrift shopping it looks like London is the place to be. 

It looks like Spain is a hot spot for shopping in Europe, as Madrid took first place on the list as the best city for shopping in Europe. With an impressive total score of 75.1 out of 100, Madrid scored top marks for its lavish designer stores, cheap public transport and safety index score of 70.08.  

See how the other cities ranked below!

London Is Among the Top 5 Cities for Shopaholics

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