We welcome Liverpool based, Nightlapse to the mag as they reveal their favourite shops, bars, nightlife spots and what makes their hometown special.

The duo are a fresh name popping up in the house scene, and have already played at some of the world?s top festivals. Having put out a remix of the Anabel Englund single ?So Hot? – a collaborative rework where Detroit?s AREA10 boss MK teamed up with his pals Nightlapse to rework the original version of the song – the success has rolled in. Off the back of this, the guys performed at stages all over Europe from the legendary Creamfields, The Warehouse Project, EH1 Festival in Edinburgh, Manchester?s Parklife and MK?s AREA10 annual Pool Parties at Ibiza Rocks.

If you’re in Liverpool this coming weekend(8th Feb) then head down to their event with Illyus & Barrientos – more info and tickets here.

The Liver Building, Liverpool

Where are you from?

We are both from Liverpool. Peter grew up in the south end of the city in Edge Hill, and Andy grew up in the north end of the city in Kirkdale.

What are the best things about your home town?

We love the passion of our city. Everything from football (Andy is a blue and Peter is a red before anyone asks haha), to obviously music! The city always seems to be vibing about something!

Liverpool has always just seemed to have a great relationship with music. From the cavern club years ago to the nightclub scene with Cream and Circus as we were growing up. There’s definitely a lot of up and coming talent in Liverpool at the minute and we all seem to bond and bounce off each other.

We also love how friendly and close together the city is. You can go on a night out in town and literally walk from bar to bar. The nightclub scene has always been special.

What suggestions do you have for people who are visiting Liverpool for the first time?

Depends what kind of night you are after really! You can have a few casual ones around the Baltic area, the Baltic Market is great for food and drink and Ghetto Golf is a good night out.

Baltic Market

For drinking and partying there is a list as long as my arm! The Camelphat lads have just refurbished their club, called Mansion, which is a great place to party.

We also have our own party kicking off on the 8th Feb, its called KRANK and is going to be down at 24 Kitchen Street ? a sick underground club that is just about the music!

Who are your musical influences?

As we were growing up it wasn?t really specific artists for us, it was the club scene in Liverpool. We had places like cream and Creamfields right on our doorstep. Going to places like that and just listening to the DJs was what gave us the hunger to do it ourselves..

More recently we have taken a lot of inspiration from Chris Lake who we have followed for a long time, and also we have got two fellas by the name of CamelPhat who are also from Liverpool and they’re at the top of the game right now!! Which is inspiring in itself?

Nightlapse in a Camelphat sandwich…

Favourite festival you’ve played at?

We have been lucky enough to play a few festivals this year and they have all been amazing? But the one for us has got to be Creamfields, as we said before we grew up with house music going to this festival as party goers, so to DJ there was special.

Tell us about your new single ?Changed Minds? and how it came together…

Energy… last year we played a lot of great gigs and watched some great DJs play. One thing that we love is lots of energy in a set as we feel it really lifts the room. So, we built this track thinking about that and keeping it as energetic as possible.

Stream ?Changed Minds? here

We have both also just had massive changes in our lives with going for the music full time, so the lyrics about changing your mindset really fit what we are going through in our lives right now.

?: lantyzhang

What are your summer plans looking like?

I know it’s still winter in January but we have a home town gig coming up for Circus on Bramley Moore Dock. This is a huge one for us and one we can?t wait to play! We are also launching our own promotion called Krank in Liverpool! We have also just been booked on two festivals over in Ireland, one in Belfast and one in Dublin. They will be our first festival gigs over there so we are excited about that.

What can listeners expect next from Nightlapse?

We have got TONS of music ready to release! We have just signed a record deal with AREA10 and have released our first track. We have another track called Freak Out dropping around the end of Jan, which we are also really excited about! We have been dropping it in our sets and so has MK, and the reaction has been amazing? We can?t wait for you guys to hear it!

Thanks lads!

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You can keep up to date with Nightlapse on their socials below.

Nightlapse presents KRANK with Illyus & Barrientos, KC Lights


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