We’ve been fans of the Crooked Colours for some time now and have had their new record ‘Langata’ on repeat at Beats Travel HQ here in Croatia. Stand-out tracks include ‘I?ll Be There’, ‘Do It Like You’, and our favourite ‘Hold On’!

Their debut album ‘Vera’, released in 2017 amassed over 50 million streams across platforms, with lead single ‘Flow’ now sitting over 20 million alone, and recently accredited Gold!

After returning from their recent UK tour, we were keen to hear more about their experiences overseas and what life is really like on the road.

Best and worst parts of being on the road?

Best – Seeing all these incredible places around the UK and being able to do day trips to places like Edinburgh. You can?t do day trips to other cities in Australia.

Worst – The tour bus can get a bit grim towards the end.

What has the difference been between each tour as you?ve grown in stature?

We don?t have to share the same bed anymore which is probably the most tangible step up there is!

Honestly, seeing the amount of people grow in the crowd each time we go around is a nice feeling. When the crowd is bigger people tend to feel a bit looser and give more energy back to us.

Speaking about the album Philip Slabber says ?We?re so excited to introduce Langata to the world today.  We feel that Langata carries forward what we created with Vera while including what we learnt connects with fans while touring around the world.  We?re incredibly excited to release this record ? we also can?t wait to perform it across Australian and New Zealand on our upcoming tour.?

Have any of you missed the bus/ nearly missed it?

Yep! It?s even worse when our driver misses the lobby call and we have to wait around for him.

What goes into the planning for a tour like your recent UK one?

Logistically, a lot. Having to go through lawyers for working visas and working with customs to get your gear over can be a headache. Other than that, there is a lot of rehearsing and working out the best places to have a pint!

What are the things on tour you couldn?t live without?

Can?t live without the Kindle! Phil has had a few break downs after thinking he has lost his. Toothpaste and a toothbrush are essential as well. We also bring a Sherrin on every tour as well for those carpark kick to kicks.

What was the best crowd you played to in the UK?

London always shows us love! We finished our show at the Scala and had a massive group hug. There was so much energy and love while we were playing, and we could really feel it.

What city were you most impressed with and why?

Dublin caught us by surprise. We had our soundcheck and then headed out to see a few Trad bars and some Guinness, and that put us into the mindset that it might be a bit of a sleepy city and we would have a quiet show. Were we wrong! That was a crazy night.

Were there any accents you struggled to understand?

The Irish of course. Scots come a close second.

Did you learn any of the local lingo?


Did you try the local food specialties?

We tried haggis and black pudding and we don?t know how we felt about it.

To keep up with the lads, you can catch them on socials


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