DeeWunn started as a seasoned MC, dominating rap battles in Jamaica for years. After a friend bet him that he couldn?t do a dancehall track, the multi-talented artist hit the studio to prove him wrong. DeeWunn?s energetic flow and delivery merge the best of dancehall and hip hop in a way that feels right at home with the eclectic sounds infiltrating mainstream music today.

We caught up with him recently to get the inside track on his hometown of Kingston in Jamaica.

What do you love about Kingston?

Kingston is the hub of Jamaica?s culture. You can experience amazing markets, music, food, and meet lots of people while roaming Kingston City.

Best bars/restaurants to start a night out?

Escape Bar & Grill is a great spot to kick off your night in the New Kingston area.

Chris Gayle?s Triple Century is a current hot spot for food and drinks.

Ribbiz is also a good chill spot, attached to a casino with food and drinks.

Best clubs for dancehall music?

Honestly, you really have to experience the street parties. Check out VYBZ Promo and The Tropixs for some of the best parties or listen to local radio Their ZJs like Johnny Kool  and ZJ Sparks play at a lot of the banging parties.

What are some of your favourite secret spots?

Though not in Kingston, there is a tucked away spot called Fatties, a jerk chicken spot in Spanish Town. Literally the BEST jerk chicken.

Rituals Cafe is also a dope spot for coffee in Tropical Plaza that not many people talk about.

Honestly, take a day trip from Kingston (2 hours) and visit Portland! If I am not in the city while in Jamaica, I am hiding away in San San, Portland.

San San Beach

Also, Epicure, the new weed dispensary, is a great place to get some smoke.

Mi Hungry is a great vegan spot, check out the Pleeezah, my fellow artiste @NatelMusic and I diminished this great tasting plant-based pizza in minutes.

Favourite venue that you?ve performed at?

Village Cafe.

Where can you get the best traditional Jamaican food?

Hellshire Beach has the best fish and festivals…
…& Tastee is where it?s at for patties!

Where do you go to relax with friends & family?

Devon House has some great desserts and their famous ice cream with beautiful grounds to hang out with family.

My wife and I like to hit Hope Botanical Gardens to have picnics and even stop by Hope Zoo.

A must-see destination everyone should visit?

Bob Marley Museum.
Emancipation Park and its famous statue ?Redemption Song?.

Anywhere up in the hills for the sunset and night view of the city.

3 tracks that remind you of home?

Any song from Beres Hammond, it just makes me feel at home.

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Welcome To Jamrock

Chronixx – Spanish Town Rockin’

Make sure you check out DeeWunn’s new tune ?Back it Up, Drop It?  & his socials below.


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