An indoor event like no other, Junction 2’s Inner City Festival will take place across the iconic spaces of Tobacco Dock and fabric. With almost 40 hours of sheer entertainment featuring the best underground house and techno artists,  this epic two-day party is sure to take you on an audiogasm. 

The day party that takes place across the August Bank Holiday in 2022 will see the likes of ANNA, Sama’ Abdulhadi, Adam Beyer, Adriatique, Maceo Plex, Dax J, Amelie Lens, Kobosil, Clara Cuvé, Ben Klock, Helena Hauff and Héctor Oaks and many more taking the stage to keep you entertained all day long. 

On Saturday the 27th of August HE.SHE.THEY and Black Artist Database will take over the stages hosted by Junction 2, fabric. Tobacco Dock’s Great Gallery will feature the most primal techno scene featuring Theo Nasa, opening the stage. Next on the lineup is techno punker JASS and Gabber Eleganza with an explosive B2B set. ANNA and the ‘queen of the Palestinian techno scene’ Sama’ Abdulhadi will then perform an exclusive B2B. For the closing set, Drumcode founder Adam Bryer will hit the stage to finish the party in style with one of his iconic Tobacco Deck sets. 

fabric will be hosting the terrace for Tobacco Deck for the very first time on both days! Named by BBC Radio1’s Jack Saunders as the ‘future of electronic music’ Kiimi will open the stage, followed by some uplifting tunes by Layla Benitez. We’ve then got the phenomenal Italian duo Fideles followed by one of the most exciting duos on the scene, Adriatique, with Junction 2 favourite Maceo Plex taking over the stage. 

The cavern will be soundtracked by He.She.They with a carefully curated lineup that includes Wax Wings with his bass-heavy vocal laced techno with electronic experimental artist Dasha Rush following up.  Detroit icon DJ Stringray 313 will then take the stage to keep you moving and grooving with his stellar beats, followed by the much-anticipated closing set by Anfisa Letyago.

The Loft will be hosted by Black Artist Database and feature London-based Aqwea, Isaac Carter and Jadalareign. 

fabric will host the Terrace on Sunday, with a unique B2B set between Uakoz and Anna Unusyan. The young and talented IMOGEN will get ready to rock the crowd with her signature sets of fuzzy electro to pulsing techno, followed by epic B2B sets by Darua Kolosova and Etapp Kyle and Kobosil and German tech maestro Clara Cuvé. To close off the stage, Berghain resident Ben Klock will play one of his banging techno sets that are sure to shake the dance floor. 

The Cavern hosted by Origins will see vinyl enthusiast KT opening the stage, followed by Armând. MARRØN will then take over to get it pumping with some African rhythm and thrilling techno beats. Karenn will follow, performing a much anticipated live set that is undoubtedly not to be missed! Saving the best for last, the stage will be closed by one of the biggest and badest B2B sets that London has seen, with Helena Hauff and Héctor Oaks, delivering one of the most lively and energetic sets of the entire weekend. 

To top it all off, London’s Foundation FM will host The Loft with a stellar lineup that includes some of the fastest rising stars, including Vanessa Maria, Malaika Emerald and Heléna Star. 

After party carries on at fabric!

Expect ANNA, Sama’ Abdulhadi, Adam Beyer, Adriatique, Maceo Plex, Dax J, Amelie Lens, Kobosil, Clara Cuvé, Ben Klock, Helena Hauff and Héctor Oaks atTobacco Docks

On Saturday 27th August, stages will be hosted by Junction 2, fabric, HE.SHE.THEY and Black Artist Database. Tobacco Dock’s Great Gallery will feature the most relentless and primal techno that the scene has to offer. Opening the stage will be Theo Nasa, an artist without limits who perfectly encapsulates Junction 2. Up next will be a B2B between techo-punker JASSS and hardcore maestro Gabber Eleganza. They will be followed by one of the most anticipated performances of the festival, an exclusive B2B between ANNA and Palestinian hero Sama’ Abdulhadi. Finally, closing the stage, will be Drumcode founder Adam Beyer, who is promised to deliver another of his iconic Tobacco Dock sets.

Ahead of hosting the nighttime programme of Junction 2: Inner-City, we are delighted to welcome fabric to Tobacco Dock for the very first time to host the terrace on both days. Londoner Kiimi will open the stage, followed by Layla Benitez, who will take you on an escapade of uplifting beats with dark undertones. Italian duo Fideles will bring the audience to an euphoric state, as they take over the stage with their mesmerising music. Following them will be one of the most acclaimed duos in the scene, Adriatique, before they hand over the reins to Junction 2 favourite Maceo Plex.

The Cavern will be soundtracked by He.She.They as they invite a carefully curated line-up. Self-expressionist Wax Wings will bring his relentless arsenal of bass driven, vocal laced techno. Electronic experimental artist Dasha Rush will follow up, before handing the decks to Detroit icon DJ Stingray 313. Bringing the best from the Motor City, the masked maestro will keep proving why he’s one of the best in the game. Closing the stage will be one of the most exciting names in underground music Anfisa Letyago, who shows no signs of slowing down.

Black Artist Database will host The Loft, featuring free-spirited London-based DJ Aqwea, Circoloco wonderkid Isaac Carter and JADALAREIGN, one of New York’s most esteemed DJs

On Sunday 28th August stages will be hosted by Junction 2, fabric, Origins and Foundation FM. The dancefloors are set to be just as intense, as Tobacco Dock hosts day 2 of Junction2: Inner-City. Berlin-based talent Patrick Mason will bring his listeners on a buoyant and energetic sonic journey. Following up will be Airod, bringing his own strain of techno-soaked sets. London’s scene leader Dax J will follow, in his Great Gallery debut. Headlining the stage will be Amelie Lens, who will take Tobacco Dock by storm with a barrage of selections enriched with her signature vocals and rave-infused sound.

fabric return on the Sunday to again host the Terrace. This will feature a special b2b between TLT members Uakoz and Anna Unusyan. One of the youngest DJs on the lineup, IMOGEN is set to deliver a mix of fuzzy electro to punishing techno. Expect her to not hold anything back. Ukranian icons Daria Kolosova and Etapp Kyle will feature on a relentless B2B, which will take the audience on a hypnotic journey. They will be followed by another hugely anticipated B2B, this time between one of the scene’s fastest rising stars Kobosil and German maestro Clara Cuvé. Finally, Klockworks head-honcho and Berghain resident Ben Klock will close the stage and no doubt push the Terrace’s system to its limits.

Origins will host The Cavern, as we see London based vinyl enthusiast KT and her stripped back house opening the stage. Origins founder Armând will follow up, before giving the reins to MARRØN and his renowned sets of African rhythms and mesmerising techno. Delivering a highly anticipated live set will be Karenn, formed of UK staples Blawan and Pariah. From edits of infectious classics to improvisation mayhem, this is one set not to be missed. Closing the stage will be one of the biggest B2Bs that London has recently seen as Helena Hauff and Héctor Oaks join forces. They shut down the cavernous dancefloor with what’s promised to be one of the most energetic sets of the weekend.

Finally, London’s very own Foundation FM will host The Loft with a line-up composed of some of the Capital’s most esteemed fastest rising stars. Vanessa Maria, Malaika, Emerald and rising UK talent Heléna Star are set to soundtrack this stage with some standout sets. Further information is available HERE.

Tobacco Dock, London E1W 2SF

Saturday 27th

Junction 2

Adam Beyer
Anna b2b Sama
JASSS b2b Gabber Eleganza
Theo Nasa


Maceo Plex
Layla Benitez


Anfisa Letyago
Dasha Rush
DJ Stingray 313
Wax Wings

The Loft
Black Artist Database

Nat Wendell
Isaac Carter

Sunday 28th

Junction 2

Amelie Lens
Dax J
Patrick Mason


Ben Klock
Kobosil b2b Clara Cuve
Daria Kolosova b2b Etapp Kyle
Uakoz b2b Anna Unusyan


Helena Hauff b2b Hector Oaks
Karenn live

Foundation FM

Heléna Star
Vanessa Maria

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