In the latest interview in our series, we speak to Belgium producer Julian Cross who has already played festivals at Tomorrowland and Matrixx At The Park. The artist is planning to release his debut album ?Nebula? in January, which is inspired by future cosmic elements from the entire electronic music spectrum. We took the opportunity to catch up with him and check how his experience of lockdown has been..


Welcome to BBM Live, Julian Cross, how are you doing?

I am very well. Thank you. Last weeks were of course very exciting due to the release of three of my singles from my album Nebula, more specifically Molecule, Asteroids and Step into my shoes. It is not an obvious time we currently live in.  As in many countries, also in Belgium we experienced a lockdown of several weeks during spring and even now are some very strict regulations in regards to Covid-19. For youngsters like myself these times can be rather confusing and challenging.  Right now I am working on different projects.  In the near future I want to do what I like to do the most: making new music. I also want to help with my label New Breed Records young upcoming artists.

Tell us more about your upcoming album ?Nebula?, how did you come up the decision to make an album?

As mentioned before, three tracks of the album Nebula are out already; Molecule, Asteroids and Step Into My Shoes. I would describe Nebula like a rather new sound, a little bit different, between space and cyberpunk.  In my opinion the vocals makes its sound rather particular.  As you may have noticed the artwork behind the last singles was inspired by space and cosmology.  These are certainly things that fascinate me but also the manga Ghost in a Shell was a source of inspiration.  For my album I chose to combine this.  When all the clips of the tracks will be released and you place them one after the other you will get a short movie.

When and why did you first decide to be a DJ and producer?

In fact it all started when I was a teenager and I saw a DJ mixer at a friends place and tried it.  At that moment something was triggered.  I went to Pioneer in the Netherlands to get a series of lessons on how to produce and when I wasn?t at school I was busy with ?music?.  In fact this is in brief how my career began.  I just love being busy with music and everything that comes with it.  That is also the reason I decided I wanted to follow this path, the fact I just loves to do what I do.

My parents have always supported me with the choices I’ve made.  It wasn?t always easy, but one of my life motto?s, and I would also give this as an advice to youngsters who want to pursue a career in the music industry, is ?follow your dreams?; when you do, you really can make it happen?!  But I would also advice them to see that you are well guided when it comes to it, because there are also many sharks in the ocean?

You have performed at stages including Tomorrowland and Matrixx At The Park, what was this experience like playing these shows?

These were definitely experiences that I’ll always remember.  Those were really ?wow? moments, really insane. When I stood there I pinched myself in the arm to check if it was real.

What can we expect in the pipeline, ahead of the album in December?

I am working on several projects right now.  I can’t tell too much about it yet but of course the release of my album Nebula is something I am really looking forward to.  I am also working on some other exciting projects right now; a collab with Leona Griffin is one of them but also several video clips.

Have you found any apps really useful when traveling locally?

Like most of us, I have not travelled in recent months.  I just drove a lot back and forth between my hometown and Amsterdam, where my studio is.  One app, that I use a lot is Waze.  I find it very useful and correct.

How has the lack of international travel options affected you? have you found that you have explored more within your home country?

I have not really done much in my home country.  As I said before, I spent a lot of time in the studio and at home in the garden.  Given the current situation, I didn’t really think it was appropriate to travel, not even in my home country.

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