Here at Beats Travel, we love nothing more than travel and music and a huge part of people experiencing local cultures is the wildlife. Music Against Animal Cruelty are leading the fight to save endangered animals through music and we are all for it!

On Sunday, October 6th 2019, MAAC, alongside artist and activist Robyn Ward and Sabina Ibiza hosted an exclusive art auction with Robyn?s iconic ?Plastic Nation? collection.

The auction took place at the lavish and stunning Sabina Ibiza located in the heart of the island. The 210 attending guests were treated to exclusive sets by some of the world?s most in-demand DJs, including MAAC ambassador Lauren Lane and guest performances from MK and Senzela. BBC?s Bargain Hunt TV expert & International auctioneer Richard Madley, auctioned off pieces of Irish artist Robyn Ward?s thought provoking ?Plastic Nation? collection. Dedicating a year of his life and work to the cause, each piece of the collection?s market value sits at approximately $20,000, raising a remarkable amount of money for the charity. The proceeds from the ?Plastic Nation? auction will be disseminated between two causes, and these will be determined by followers and friends of MAAC and their ambassadors through online voting via social media. The five wildlife missions shortlisted causes are:

1. Stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.
2. Safeguarding the critically endangered Gorilla of Central Africa.
3. Protecting the Orangutan from deforestation and extinction.
4. Preserving the last Snow Leopards of the Eastern Himalaya.
5. Fight against the illegal trade of tiger bone in Asia.

Check out Robyn Ward’s work…

Robyn Ward is essentially the definition of a truly international artist: born in Dublin, Ireland, raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he found his love for art via graffiti; honing his skills in studios and collectives in cities ranging from London and Amsterdam, to Bangkok and Shanghai; currently living and painting in Mexico City and exhibiting in projects the world over.

Taking inspiration from the world around him, he paints each series of work in different studio locations across the world and his ?Plastic Nation? collection forces audiences to confront ecological damage by bringing them face to face with large-scale paintings of the animals that our actions are endangering.

Founded by Jonny White of Art Department and longtime friend and founder of Pulse Radio, Wade Cawood, in collaboration with Tears for Tigers founder Jack Baucher, MAAC have been fundraising through dance music events since their inception in 2017. Their European debut ?Wild? event took place at Ushua?a in 2018 with dance music royalty Black Coffee, Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Jamie Jones, Art Department, Bedouin to name a few. With this stellar lineup at one of the world?s most iconic dance music venues, MAAC made their presence known and garnered media attention from all over the globe.

Scenes from WILD at @thebpmfestival!

Successfully hosting their first art auction, combining music and art in order to raise money for endangered animals, MAAC continues to prove they are industry trailblazers and are destined to make bold moves in 2020. Stay tuned to MAAC?s socials in order to take part in voting and for news about future events.


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