With American, Italian and Danish roots, John Alto is a DJ, an artist, a skilled producer and remixer with a passion for club music. His signature sound is dark, bass heavy and cinematic, and he has worked with artists, writers and producers like Maurice West, Silque, Ganz, Nadine (from M.O), Nicklas Lif and Ofelia.

John Alto´s first release was on Martin Garrix´s label STMPD RCRDS in a collaboration with the German duo TwoWorldsApart. He was also commissioned by Sony Music to remix Coy´s Promises and for Norwegian superduo Seeb on their release Free To Go (feat Highasakite). 

Over the course of 2022 and beyond, John aims to firmly establish himself as a solo artist of real note with a strong of releases that explore the various shades of his personality, the first of which, My Heart feat Rallie, is out now. 

Thanks for Talking to Us John. We Know the Last Couple of Years Haven’t Been the Best in Terms of Travel, but Have You Discovered Any New Locations That You’ve Enjoyed Visiting?

I unfortunately haven’t travelled around at all, that does not include both Denmark and the UK. However, during the covid situation, I was able to decide on where to stay, regarding moving to my own place. Which ended up being Denmark.

Is Travel a Big Part of Your Life Under Normal Circumstances?

I would say so, yes. I have travelled rather often to my parents and I’s favourite locations before covid, which include southern France, Spain and Sweden for skiing.

Do You Have Any Bits of Tech or Home Comforts You Never Hit the Road Without?

Definitely my laptop, of which contains all of my music, and production tools. That way, I am able to produce and write music on the go. Usually I get notably more inspired to create amazing music.

Where in the World Are You Currently Based? Does It Feel Like It’s Pretty Much Back to Normal in Terms of Restrictions/lockdowns?

I moved back to Denmark about a year ago, and it has been truly amazing. The Danish government before 2022, decided that covid was no longer an issue, after more than 85-90% had been vaccinated twice. This meant that life here in Denmark has been back to normal all throughout 2022.

Tell Us About Your Upcoming Single My Heart – Is It Fair to Say It’s a Bit of a Departure From the Music You’ve Previously Released?

It definitely is, and I like the fact that I am able to provide some unique styles/ sound design, by still being able to produce the music the same way I would usually do. This way, the production still sounds like a “John Alto” type of track. It was great fun to play around with granular synthesis on the drop, using mainly vocals to get the main lead sound.

Is This the Sound of John Alto for the Foreseeable Future?

I would say that my sound evolves regularly, but not in a rushed context. I would dive into a project, maybe a 3-5 track contract, and then fully concentrate on a specific sound for that period. As of right now, I am working on performance focused music that I can play out live in the near future.

Who Were Your Musical Heroes Growing Up, and How Have Your Tastes Changed Over the Years?

My two favourite artists from when I decided to start making music were KSHMR and Overwerk. KSHMR had a course on Splice (a sample marketplace) which inevitable taught me the basics of how to produce music. He had, and still has some of the best melodies in the game (in my opinion). Overwerk is probably the one that has evolved with me in a way, as his music focuses more on cinematic and orchestral production within EDM. Definitely still, one of my favourite producers/ artists. I can tell that my taste has guided me towards more minimalistic styles, with the major role of emotional melodies.

What Inspires You When You’re Creating Music?

The two things that inspire me the most, are real situations that I feel can be translated into some sort of a musical piece, and others music.

Do You Currently Have Any Go-to Bits of Kit You’re Obsessed With in the Studio?

I am definitely a Serum fan, as I believe it has an extremely easy interface, as well as it being super diversive, regarding sound design, bassline, pads and much more.

Finally, if You Could Play at Any Club in the World, for Any Party, Where Would You Pick?

I would have to say Printworks, as it has such a unique vibe and a great audience. I think it could be such an amazing experience to play a set there.

Thanks for having me <3

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John Alto Drop First Single of The Year With My Heart

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