We are joined by the talented DJ, label boss and curator, JamzSupernova to get the lowdown on her inspiring journey from Brit school to one of the industries rising personalities.

Tell us a bit about how you got into music radio and DJ’ing?

I come from a family of music lovers, so much of my childhood revolved around listening to music either at family functions or recording radio sets since I was 11.

I initially wanted to be a TV presenter, but I went to the BRIT school for my college years and discovered the radio studio; it felt like it was my calling.

The year after college I got an internship at the BBC whilst simultaneously having a radio show on community radio and fast forward 5 years later I got my show on 1Xtra.

My DJ career started a little later, I always thought I?d missed my chance as I didn?t start learning till I was 23 but I had a great mentor who taught me and forced me to get out there.

Tell us a bit more about Future Bounce…

Future Bounce is my music platform. The sound encompasses all my musical loves under one umbrella. We support everything from Alternative Rnb, electronic production to percussive club bangers.

It began as a Radio Show back in 2014 on Reprezent Radio. We were very much involved in the Soundcloud movement that was happening and it was on the show that I began to grow my global network.

In 2016 we began to run it as a Club night at the much missed East London venue Birthday’s. We’ve had some incredible DJ’s from around the world play our parties such as Branko, Star Slinger, Jarreau Vandal, Uniiqu3, Full Crate & UK Legends such as Zed Bias, Swindle & Roska. We also run live showcases and have done shows with artists such as Shay Lia from Montreal & Mac Ayres from New York.

We recently launched Future Bounce as a label which has been an amazing experience. We’ve signed a breadth of artists from Electronic producers, RnB singers & a Funk Band from Bristol. A real highlight this year was one of our artists SWSH going on to do a Colors Session.

You recently went over to Sydney for EMC. What were your highlights?  

I loved Sydney. I had the best week.

The highlights were meeting people who I?d only ever spoken to on email or played their music on the radio. I curated a songwriting camp with some incredible artists, it was fascinating watching their process. There were also a few showcases I attended and it was really cool to see what was happening over there.

Lastly I DJ?d at super cool LGBTQI party where 3 Houses came together. House of Yes, House of Mince & House of Abyatonye. To play to such an open crowd in and freeing environment was electric. So as you can imagine it was a pretty jam packed week but I had one afternoon off so I headed down to the infamous Sydney Opera house and a nice dinner and drink overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Tour life in Sydney, Australia ? @tiff.williams

You recently joined Selector Radio, can you tell us a bit more about your show and the type of music we can expect to hear ?

Selector Radio is the global radio show created by the British Council. It?s 2 hours of strictly UK music shining a light on emerging artists from a variety of genres: Indie, Electronic, Jazz and Hip Hop.

It gets broadcasted around the world to 30 different countries and 4 million listeners. With my role on Selector I also represent the British Council on trips playing DJ gigs and run workshops in the countries we air in.

What’s coming up next for you?

I?m super excited for 2020. In previous years I always felt anxious about the year ahead and the uncertainty but I know exactly what 2020 is about!

More Future Bounce releases, we?re launching a Club series where I?ll be dropping monthly releases from my fave up and coming producers. We?ll be throwing more Future Bounce parties and looking to go bigger than we ever have. I?ll also be launching my podcast Jamz Supernova?s Handbook about the DIY Generation (creatives & Entrepreneurs who forge their own way) and the lessons I?ve learnt throughout my career.

Are you able to give us a 10 track playlist from around the world?

Lazy Flow – The Chaabi Ha
Lazy Flow is a producer I came across on Soundcloud, he does these amazing DJ edits that frequent my sets. His sound pulls from different influences from Vogue, Latin & dancehall.

Bad$ista – Na Onda Da Babylon
Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Bad$ista has a really unique approach to electronic music fusing both her Brazilian heritage with UK club tinges. I love playing this one out or even hearing another DJ spin it, there’s a nod of appreciation!

Glitch Gyals & Lapili – Ocupada (Feat. Bryte)
Randomly former Spanish X-Factor contestants. I heard a friend of mine DJ this out earlier in the year and I was obsessed. There’s so much energy!

Sho Madjozi – John Cena
South African rap Phenomenon, Sho Madjozi is about to have a huge year!! The style of music she makes is called GQOM and it’s possibly one of my fave sounds to play out!

DJ Plead – Crush And Burn
Melbourne based producer with Middle East heritage. I hadn’t heard much Lebanese references in music for and there’s something that feels really exciting and refreshing about what it brings to electronic music.

Gafacci – Azaa

Representing Ghana, Gafacci has a crazy output of releasing music! It’s a real treat to get a monthly release from him land in your inbox.

Branko – Tudo Certo (Feat. Dino D’Santiago)
Branko is a Portuguese producer and it’s no secret he’s one of my faves. He’s done a lot for the Global Club scene with his label Enchufada. This song is taken from his latest album Nosso which means “Our”.

Park Hye Jin – ABC
I think Korea’s Park Hye Jin is going to be HUGE! This is taken from one of my fave EP’s this year and I think it was a life changing release for her. I love the melodic chilled start and then it hits you with the techno.

Sandunes – Ever Bridge
An incredible electronic producer and artist from Mumbai, India. I only came across her this year but I love the textures in her music. The arrangements are stunning.

Tiana Khasi – Nuketown
Rnb vibes from Melbourne. I love Tiana’s voice, it has a real traditional 90s R&B quality but paired with interesting production takes her sound to a whole new place. This is my fave one from her!

You can keep up to date with Jamz Supernova on her socials below.


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