Eli James and Sirrah came together through their passion for House Music, Djing and beatmaking. Their energetic sets, tight productions and eccentric personality has earned them bookings at several festivals and venues including Outlook Croatia, Bassfest, 02 Academy and XOYO. 

Similarly, they have shared stages with artists such as Bicep, Skream, Low Steppa, Solardo and have already landed releases on labels such as Goodside, Houz, Deepfake and Wyldcard between them.

Having experimented with several underground genres, their dance-floor ready track ‘Hold On’ focuses specifically on powerful and uplifting piano chords coupled with a Groovy bassline and mesmerising vocals reminiscent of the early 90s.

Thanks for talking to us guys. We know the last couple of years haven’t been the best in terms of travel, but have you discovered any new locations that you’ve enjoyed visiting?

Yeah it certainly hasn’t been ideal! Neither of us has really been away and I guess it’s been a bit of a blessing, it’s given us a chance to explore more of our own city and spend more time in venues/clubs which perhaps we didn’t give much time to before the pandemic. It’s really easy to forget what you have a few stops away on the tube.

Is travel a big part of your life under normal circumstances?

Normally yes, its been a bit frustrating at times we can’t lie but everything is looking a bit better for this year.

Do you have any bits of tech or home comforts you never hit the road without?

We both always carry around our USB’s on our keys. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re out…

Where in the world are you currently based? Does it feel like it’s pretty much back to normal in terms of restrictions/lockdowns?

Currently, both in London, it was a weird place to be for the last 18 months but 2022 has started well. Venues are open so it seems like we are getting there.

How did you hook up with VINYLMATT for the new single? 

We both knew the A&R Director (shout-out Dom Booth) from when we are younger. We told him we are working on a track and sent him a few versions as things moved along. I guess here we are now.

Hold On has a really classic, soulful sound to it. Is that a style of house music you have a particular affinity with?

It was probably something that has more resonance with Elliot (Eli James). I just don’t think you can beat that classic piano sound that an M1 gives you. Call us basic all you want.

Who were your musical heroes growing up, and how have your tastes changed over the years? 

Tough one. Both of our music tastes don’t remain solely with house. I think you get a better well-rounded feeling when you don’t stick to one thing in particular. But if I had to go with one it would probably be Basement Jaxx, funny enough I still have one of their hits compilation in the car, for me they were the ones.

What inspires you when you’re creating music? 

I think going to events or raves and just seeing the reaction of crowds to different types of music. There’s nothing like the feeling of hearing something on a big sound system that blows you away.

Do you currently have any go-to bits of kit you’re obsessed with in the studio? 

Serum, without a doubt. Having a piece of kit that can make any sound you want just gives you endless possibilities.

Finally, if you could play at any club in the world, for any party, where would you pick? 

Tough, tough one to end on. It may not be a proper club but would love that sunset set at Cafe Mambo’s playing some classic 90’s house and maybe even slip ‘Hold On” in there haha.

Sirrah & Eli James – Hold On is out now on VINYLMATT Music. Listen & Buy

Hold On with Sirrah & Eli James

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