UK based singer-songwriter, Lily McKenzie has just dropped her latest single ?Over My Ex? and her stock continues to rise with the emotive pop bubbler.

Having grown up on the sounds of grime & UK garage in London, we spoke to her about her hometown, musical inspirations and dream collaborations.

Where are you from?

I’m from South London.

How has growing up in London influenced the style of music you produce?

Growing up in London has definitely influenced my style. There’s such a hybrid of music in this city and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many different sounds, from Grime, to UK funky, to garage, to UK house to Afro Beats.

The music here is real and raw, London is fast paced and exciting, and I’d like to think that has always come across in my own music.

Tell us about your favourite home-town hangouts?

Drink: I love going to the Bussey Building rooftop in Peckham for drinks or to catch up with friends.

Bussey Building rooftop

Eat: I also like Brixton village for food – my favourite place there is ?Eat of Eden?, they do massive vegan platters – the macaroni cheese is the best!

Eat of Eden

What artists are your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Aaliyah is one of my biggest inspirations. Her voice was so angelic and effortless. I would always sing her songs at school and I definitely feel like her style had a great influence on me.

Tell us about your latest single ‘Over My Ex’ and how it came about…

In the studio with Crazy Cousinz & Katy B.

I wrote ‘Over My Ex’ with Crazy Cousinz and Katy B. When I start writing a song, I spend quite a bit of time talking about how I’m feeling and what I’ve (or the other people in the room) have been going through- that always inspires the song and allows it to come from a real place.

We really get in our feelings which can be quite deep but therapeutic too! ‘Over My Ex’ is about the transition from not being able to get over someone, to finally being able to let go.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

There are loads of great artist’s that I’d love to work with – but if I had to pick one at this moment it would be Kendrick Lamar.

Have you been to any festivals/overseas events this summer? If so, what were your favourites?

I’ve been to quite a few festivals over the summer but Glastonbury was my favourite. I got to perform there this year which was a dream, and Glastonbury is my favourite place in the planet!

I also went to Ibiza during the season, which is always so inspiring musically – Ibiza has something magical about it.

What’s next up for you?

I’m working on lots of new music which I’m really excited about releasing in the new year!

Thanks Lily! You can keep up to date with her on the socials below.


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