Gillgan Moss?s Ben and Evan met at Park West preschool in Chicago at age three. They attended summer camp together in the north woods of Wisconsin as kids, and started making music together in 2015. The music they make is joyful & built on a love of dance music and a wide range of influences old and new. It’s meant to be fun & crack a smile, on a walk, at home, or at a club.

Gilligan Moss?s work includes a handful of well recognized remixes for artists such The Knocks & SOFI TUKKER and Sebasian Tellier, and two EPs, ?Ceremonial? and  ?What Happened?? They have toured with Glass Animals, Toro Y Moi, Tourist, and have played many major festivals including Coachella, Pitchfork Paris & Electric Forest.

2020 sees the release of the new single ?Ultraparadiso? and ?Ferris Wheel’ via ODESZA?s label Foreign Family Collective. The pair have also recently released a 13-track mix for Adventure Time: Distant Lands – a spin-off of the popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time – where they remixed and reimagined original clips from the show.


What is unique about the place you live, or is it famous for something?

B: Brooklyn New York? City of lights! City of dreams! City of angels! Or is that LA- I forget. My Brooklyn apartment slants so when you drop water on the floor, it flows to one side.

E: My apartment is not slanted, which is tight. It is loud as hell though because I live just off the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Brooklyn sounds pretty great doesn?t it? JK, it is pretty great living here – my little section of Brooklyn has a big Polish community, so there are a lot of great Polish restaurants.

Through lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

B: Been cooking a lot- kind of the same brain muscle as music making. Have also been enjoying getting out and hiking and camping.

E: I?ve got a little pup named Izzie, so most weekends are centered around her – going to parks, hikes, etc.

Have you visited any wicked local glamping or wild sites throughout lockdown?

B: Yes- recently rented a little cottage on a river close to Lake Placid NY. It?s prime autumn weather right now, so the leaves were popping. There was a great sauna in the yard so got to do some serious and deep sweating, which is a mind cleanser.

E: I?ve been on more of a beach tip – been to Long Beach Island in New Jersey a bunch, did a trip out to the North Fork of Long Island a few weekends back – trying to live that Oz beach life before the weather turns here.

Any side hustles or skills you want to share with us?

B: I do audio/visual stuff at a boutique hotel in Brooklyn – running film festivals in the theatre and doing sound for live events. Sort of dead now that we?re in a pandemic though.

E: I?ve gotten really into mechanical keyboards during quarantine. I don?t yet have the $$ to step into it in a big way, right now I?m just plotting out the day I can start stocking up on keyboards.

What cheeky banger has been playing through your speakers on repeat for the last 6 months?

B: Hudson Mohawke just put out a few albums, and there?s a track called ?Tar? that we?ve both been loving a lot.

E: Tar is definitely the one. Some other contenders for personal song of the summer: Playboi Carti – @MEH and Jim-E Stack – Note To Self

Favourite Friday night dinner, at home or restaurant?

B: Been getting into homemade pizza making. One of the best pizza restaurants in Brooklyn is a few blocks away so I?ve been buying their crusts and making some masterpieces. Not quite ready to open up my own shop, but definitely getting good.

E: I?m more of a breakfast man myself, so I?ll say – my weekend highlight is going to my local Bagel spot and ordering a Bagel lox on sesame.

What current projects are you working on?

B: Just making a lot of new music- will see where it goes when it?s all finished!

E: New music 4 ever

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