The Hungry Music co-founder joins us for a chat as part of our ‘Get to know’ series. You can stream his new track ‘Goodbyes’ here.

Where are you from?

I’m from France, near Paris, in the great city of Versailles.

What are the best things about your Versailles?

The castle, for sure is one of the most magical places. The gardens are especially amazing during the summer.

Palace of Versailles, France. ?: Clark Van Der Beken

Do you have any suggestions on places to go/eat/drink/party in your Versailles?

For drinks, you can go to “La Pirogue“, and we also used to go all the time to “Le Montbauron“, it’s a bar with 3 floors of pool tables. We used to go there on our lunch break when i was in high school.

Le Montbauron

Who are your musical influences?

Mostly Daft punk and the whole french touch period. There are also a lot of different things from heavy metal to classical music that influence me including Rhapsody of fire, Nightwish, Vivaldi etc.

What’s your favourite festival?

There are so many different festivals, it’s impossible to choose my favourite one. I’ve got amazing memories from huge places like Paleo, Solidays, Vieille charrues, Dour etc… but also a ton of great souvenirs from smaller festivals! There are so many factors that come into consideration; The weather, set time, the sound system, the crowd etc…

Which festival would you most like to play at and why?

I’d like to try Burning Man, for the curiosity…

Tell us about how ‘Goodbyes’ came about…

It’s the melody from a track i made about 4 years ago and i’ve always wanted to release it. I made it more of a track, with more feeling, more textures and details. I wanted to do a more quiet and slow track, a bit darker that usual.

What’s next for you and the Hungry music team?

Next is my new Album, and my new Live show. For the team, it’s business as usual!

You can keep up with Joachim on socials below.


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