Born in Delft, Dutch youngster Jimmy Clash has established himself as one of the most promising talents in today’s Dance music industry.

His first steps into the worldwide Dance community were at the age of 13. He started producing music while developing his own recognizable progressive and electro house sound. It wasn?t long before he made his breakthrough, due to productions so intense it turns any crowd into wowing audiences. Signing his very first track at the world-renowned record label Flashover Recordings catapulted his music career to new heights.

We spoke to the 23 year old rising star, about his career so far, musical influences, changes in style and his top travel essentials.

Where are you from?

Hi! I live in the Netherlands in a little village called Wateringen. Honestly there’s not much to do there, but it’s really quiet and peaceful. After a long studio session, it’s really nice to take a walk with my dog outside and empty my head.

When did you begin making music?

It all started back in 2007, I downloaded a demo version of FL Studio and started to figure everything out. I always was a creative kid, who liked to make stuff. After a few years of practising, the music finally started to sound decent and I signed my first record label deal. I developed myself by watching dozens and dozens of YouTube tutorials.

In the zone.

After a few years I got asked by a promoter of a local event to perform at his party – so I had to buy a little DJ-set to manage DJ’ing as well. From that moment I started to DJ gigs and in a few years I had a residency at the #1 and #2 best clubs in Holland. This helped me to be the DJ I am today. Performing in front of a full dancefloor every weekend has helped me grow and educated me a lot. When I graduated at the age of 21, my parents gave me the opportunity to fully focus on music.

How do you feel your style has changed since you began?

When I started producing Dance music back in 2007, ”EDM” didn’t even exist. Genres like big room or progressive house didn’t have a name yet. These genres started to develop themselves from 2009. It’s very nice to see how many EDM subgenres there are today. Endless possibilities, endless creativity.

Who are your musical inspirations?

There are a lot of artists I admire, but Calvin Harris is standing out for me. The combination of radio songs and club tracks he has been releasing is very inspirational to me. Also, the disco – funk influences he uses in his songs inspires me. In the future I aspire to work like this as well; releasing accessible songs for bigger audiences, while I keep producing hot club records for my DJ sets.

In your hometown, what places do you like to hangout at?

Hometown vibes. ?: itssavior

As I mentioned earlier, there’s not really much nightlife in my hometown. But I live next to The Hague, which is one of the biggest cities in Holland. There are a lot of cool clubs there, but honestly, I prefer to spend my Friday and Saturday evenings in the studio!

You have been lucky enough to travel to many places globally with your music, what are your favourite places to visit?

I’ve been touring in Asia many times. I’ve performed in countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, South Korea and more. The hospitality in these countries is incredible. Also, my fans there are very loyal and supportive. It’s always a pleasure to perform in Asia. I?m really looking forward to my next Asia tour!

Shanghai Shine

What 5 essential items are first in your suitcase for a tour?

My customized Jimmy Clash jacket. I have multiple jackets I wear during my gigs. It’s awesome to have my own unique style!

Jimmy rocking his JC jacket in Liverpool in 2017.

A USB stick with all my latest exclusive songs on it, ready to be tested out in the clubs.

Headphones, not only for during the gig, but also for rekordbox and producing music in between shows.

Passport, obviously.

Ear protection plugs, safety first ha!

Always working.

Your go-to drink?

My MC and I always drink one redbull vodka before each gig. It?s become a tradition. It puts us in the right mood and ready for the performance.

Beach club or sweaty rave?

If I think about a sweaty rave I immediately think of techno. One of the only music styles I really don’t vibe with. So, I’d go for a beach club. Relaxing chill vibes, tropical house blasting out of the speakers and a corona in my hand.

What’s next for you?

The past few months I’ve been super productive in the studio. Worked on a lot of solo songs and big collabs, and I can’t wait to release them all. One of the big collabs is with ?Mr. EDM? himself Maarten Vorwerk.

Maarten has always been in the background to ghost-produce songs for big DJ’s, but for this song he stepped out of the shadows and we finished the track together. This song will be released in early 2020. I’m super excited for what’s coming!

Thanks Jimmy!

You can keep up to date with Jimmy and his travels on his socials below.


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