GotSome is no stranger to making infectious club bangers, and ?The Message? is no different. Featuring the seminal vocals of legendary Chicago vocalist Chuck Roberts which originated from Rhythm Controll?s 1987 track ?My House?, this record is set to unite House Music lovers everywhere.

Chuck explains that the vocal…

“speaks about everyone being included – it speaks about love – just open yourself to the vibe and it will take you anywhere you need to go. There?s no one larger than anyone else – house music is for anyone in the world who wants to listen”.

Off the back of his new single, ‘The Message’ ft Chuck Roberts, we had the chance to chat to Bristolian, Got Some about his hometown hang-outs, musical inspirations and what’s coming up next.

Tell us a bit about where you grew up?

I grew up in Bristol…. Listening to Hip Hop & D&B and skateboarding most of my teenage years. I’m too scared to skate now LOL’ I always end up braking bones…

I started Djing when I was 17 and got involved in promoting a few nights then became a resident at a couple of clubs in Bristol. I hung out with a bunch of Hip Hop/D&B producers, then started producing myself after going to music school.

I guess the rest is all history….

Where are your favourite places to hang out in Bristol?

Bristol is a sick place to live and also visit. If you haven’t already been make sure you visit! Here’s a little list of things to do…

Best Bars to visit in Bristol are

The Love Inn – Best to head here at the weekends… Best Disco, House & Tribal Bass in Bristol

Redlight – A speak easy with the best old fashions in bristol.

The Plough – Bristol Bristol homegrown pub.

Best Cafes to visit in Bristol are:

Emmeline – Tip top healthy/vegan food… Make sure you try their toasted sourdough sandwiches.

Farro bakery – Best Pan Au Chocolate I’ve tasted outside Paris.

Fed 303 – New in house bakery and deli… The salads are to die for.

Trade Winds – Best Coffee house In Bristol… They make their own almond milk laced with a touch of vanilla. Get the Biggie Smalls coffee. You will be buzzing all day.

Trade Winds

Best Bristol Clubs are:

Motion – A multi room warehouse been hosting the biggest night in Bristol over the last 10 years

Area 404 – New warehouse space owned by the Boomtown festival crew… 12 events planned for next year…

The Thekla – Vintage Bristol club on a boat…. moored in the heart of the Bristol docks.

The Thekla

Cosies – Best place to hear true Bristol music… Best Dub Reggae & bass music in the city.

There’s only one park that I used to go to in Bristol & that’s St Andrews park…. Go check it out on a sunny day you’ll love it.

When did you begin making music?

I started writing music in my early 20s after going to a Drum & Bass Producer’s house called Danny Bird. I wrote a song with him which later came out on Hospital records. This experience really inspired me to want to produce. Later that year I went to music school to study production.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

This will sound cheesy AF but my Mum & Dad are properly my biggest musical inspirations as they played so much music to me growing up. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be making music now.

I was also lucky enough to be brought up around the Bristol music scene where I would see people like Massive Attack & Portishead walking around in my local areas so it made it real to go and do something it in the music business.

I guess The Neptune’s & Timberland & Dr Dre are producer hero’s of mine. Oh my Gawd so many to mention, also Quincy Jones -Damn how could I miss him…

Who are your favourite labels and producers?


Nervous | FFR | Ninja Tune | HyperDub |Kings St |R&S


Paul Woolford/Special Request | Lil Louis Vega | Burial | Joy O | Kaytranda | Mr Fingers | MoodyMan | Sonder

What UK artists should be on our radar?

Sn0w – He runs a label called more time.

Dance System – Lvis 1090 new alias.

LUCY – Bristol bass DJ also a member of the 6 figure gang.

DJ Tess – Tribal & UK funky DJ from London.

How do you usually spend your free time?

I love cooking & eating I’m basically a foody! I also like fashion especially classic Sneakers & jackets. Oh, and I also love art & going to gallery’s.

Beach club or sweaty rave?

Sweaty Rave 100%.

Finally, what’s next for you?

My new song is out now on Ultra… It’s called ‘The Message’. I teamed up with American vocal don Chuck Roberts, who most famously wrote ‘In the beginning’. I wanted to pay homage to the original 80’s sound so I went to the studio and started to write the song. I managed to get hold of all the original 80s synths. I used a Roland TR707 & TR808 for the drums and a Roland Juno 6 for the bass.

I felt the message that it brings… Love… is so relevant to this day it so important to talk about esp in the times we are in currently live in.

I’ve also got two releases due out at the start of 2020 – A collab I’ve written together with Chicago legend ‘Ron Carroll’. The song is called Speaker Sex…. Also a record called ‘Sing It to You’!!. So starting 2020 on a high!!!

You can keep up to date with GOTSOME on his socials below.


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