We’re joined by one of Pete Tong?s Rising Stars of 2020, Franky Wah – an artist who’s found a successful balance between his more dance-focused records and his more mainstream sounding releases, which have allowed him to tap into both markets. While playing at Glastonbury last year, he was also able to play at Hideout.

Where are you from?

I?m from sunny South Yorkshire.

How can you best describe your sound?

Melodic, emotional and uplifting, using influences from multiple genres.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

These can change from time to time as I have so many musical influences for different moods, but right now I?d have to say Tale Of Us. I love the movement they have created with their sound and brand. It?s incredible.

If someone was visiting your hometown for the first time, where should they check out?

This is simple. It would have to be my cocktail bar and restaurant in a little town called Epworth. It has a cool little terrace where I?ve hosted many Franky Wah and Friends events.

?: Reuben.B

2019 marked a great break-out year for you with Pete Tong naming you one of his Rising Stars of 2020. How does that feel?

It was literally one of the best feelings ever. One of my first ever goals I wrote down years ago was to just have a record played by Pete. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine him inviting me on the show as his future star. I?m still in shock and extremely humbled.

Tell us a bit more about your gigs at both Glastonbury and Hideout 2019…

I was fortunate enough to play some incredible shows last year. The vibe at both Hideout and Glastonbury were insane . I remember closing my set at Glastonbury with my track ?Get Me High? and looking down at the crowd and there was a couple that were easily in their late 70s, dressed in matching outfits covered in glitter and proper raving and I thought wow, this is the Glastonbury magic people talk about.

How did your collaboration with Jessie Ware on ?Time After Time? come about?

I was literally sent the vocal by my label and being a fan of Jessie?s myself, I was really happy to be working with her. We had a really fun studio session adding the finishing touches.

Time After Time can be streamed here.

Beach club, sweaty rave or acoustic night?

I?m a fan of them all but the way I?m feeling right now, it would have to be a sweaty rave. You just can?t beat them.

What UK artists should we be keeping tabs on this year?

The UK is really bringing it right now. There?s soooo much talent out there but I?d have to name another Yorkshire talent – Imprey and Mescal Kids.

Signing onto the Elrow compilation, 2018

What’s coming up for you in 2020?

Lots of new music and maybe even an album. Plenty of live shows both in the UK and internationally, I literally can?t wait to be back on the road.

Thanks Franky!

You can keep up to date with Franky Wah on his socials below.


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