We’re back with another edition of ‘Get to know’, where we speak to up and coming producers about their hometown, inspirations and what’s next up on their journey to the top. This time we speak to London born, Bristol-living, Yung Pretender.

What part of the UK are you from?

I?m from London originally but I?ve been in Bristol for a while now.

How do you think growing up in Bristol has shaped the style of music you produce?

There?s a big drum & bass/Jungle scene in Bristol. I tend to mix jungle breaks (slowed down) with house music. I?m also lucky enough to share a studio complex with a bunch of talented producers/writers/singers and rappers. I’m in there with the likes of Blacksmith, Gotsome, Dread MC and many more.

Sometimes when you hit a producers block collaborating is the best way to overcome that.  

Where are your favourite places in Bristol to eat, drink, relax, party?

Eat: The best place to eat is Paco for sure. It?s super expensive but great for a special treat.

Bosco, however is a great Italian with fairly reasonable prices. Make sure you get the Talleggio Arancini!


Drink: I tend to drink in Small Bar on Kings street. they have loads of craft beers/sours and pale ales which is refreshing in comparison to the standard lager you get in most places.

Small Bar

Party: The best place to party in my opinion is Basement 45. It?s a proper small, sweaty venue.  I saw Appleblim, an old favourite of mine during my Dubstep days about 10 years ago and it?s still something I remember today.

Chill: If you wanna chill, more so in the summer time then Clifton Downs is a really beautiful spot.

How does it feel to have a release on Ultra Records?

I have had previous projects on many different labels but everything is clicking into place really nicely now with this alias. It?s an opportunity for me to explore the poppier side of dance music whilst still sticking to my house roots.  

?: Kris Humphreys Photography

Who are your main musical influences?

I?d say Mura Masa, Radiohead, Sam Paganini and Skream & Benga to name a few.

Beach club or sweaty rave?

Sweaty rave, always!

How did your track ?One More? come about?

It started as an instrumental which sat on the shelf for a while. Then my girlfriend told me I should get a topline on it so I used Chilli Chilton with the help of the writer 220 Kid and we finished it in a day. It was vibey session which flowed nicely.

You can stream ‘One More’ here.

?: Kris Humphreys Photography

What can we expect from you in 2020?

I have another 2 releases on Ultra coming out early 2020 and expect to see some remixes and some of my productions I?ve been doing for people.

Keep up to date with Yung Pretender on his socials below.


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