We are all the product of our influences. This is a mantra Uone and Western honour on their debut full length collaborative album ?The Lone Wranglers? released Friday, October 16.

The ten track release is a bricolage of various media: the pulp fiction of Quentin Tarantino films; the drama of Ennio Morricone scores; the psychedelia of The Doors and Pink Floyd; and a healthy nod to the spectacle of spaghetti westerns.

The album comes after a decade worth of international club and festival performances from Uone. Including the release of his 2018 solo debut album ?Balance Presents Uone?, which topped numerous Beatport chats, received critical acclaim and led to an international tour. His intergalactic sidekick, Western, is an equally accomplished music professional, known for his signature vintage-sounding keys, introspective guitar recordings and organic instrumentation.

?The Lone Wranglers? sounds like no other, flourishes of psychedelia and tribal deep house conceal a futuristic interpretation on the classic American frontier. Across the release live guitars and tribal drums envelope the listener, like you are experiencing it in person at the most absorbing concert ever performed


Where do you live, what makes it unique or is it famous for something?

I live 50km from Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. We have a 30acre property called Ranch-O-Relaxo. I have my studio on the 2nd floor of an old furniture makers warehouse. The studio was famous in the 1990s because a band called Kisschasy started there. Over the years we?ve hosted several boutique gatherings focusing on arts, performance, music, food & rituals.

Throughout lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

I?m somewhat of green thumb and thoroughly enjoy gardening. We are blessed to have huge vegetable patch at the Ranch. I love diving in to the garden, getting down and dirty with a solid mix on the speakers and a cucumber in my mouth. We recently had our first child, Zia, having a baby girl has truly changed my life and I love hanging out with her on a Sunday (Family is the best time).

We love your collaborative album with Western ‘The Lone Wranglers’, what was the creative process like?

The album was created over the last 2 years. Western is based in Sydney and operates Smith & Western Sound Studios; I remember flying in from an overseas tour and hitting the studio fresh with ideas & full of inspiration from my travels. We used to have this ritual of going fishing at the crack of dawn at Sydney Harbour. I specifically remember discussing what the album title could be, and it dawned on us as the sun rose over the ocean that we were ?The Lone Wranglers?. The album was ready at the start of 2020 but when COVID hit the world, I felt it wasn?t a good time to release music so we waited as long as possible, but after 6 months of delaying its finally out 16.10.2020.

What’s your favourite song off ‘The Lone Wranglers’?

?Kaos of Time? feat. Briony Taylor-Brooks

When we created the track I had been working on a poem that explored the concept of losing your senses when you?re wrapped in another person?s love

Briony and I were working on some of her songs in my studio and she saw the poem. She resonated with it and offered to lay down the vocal in exchange for me engineering her tracks.

Any side hustles or skills you want to share with us?

I run a record label called Beat & Path with my homies Out of Sorts from New Zealand.  The label focuses on releasing and nurturing talent from across New Zealand and Australia. We aim to nurture young blood and cross pollinate them with first rate producers from around the globe.

What cheeky banger has been playing through your speakers on repeat for the last 6 months?

Midnight Oils ? Beds Are Burning (Uone 2020 Re:Edit)

I finished an epic re: edit of this track! I find it inspiring how the band used music to illuminate the plight of indigenous Australians. I feel its very relative to the current human rights and political issues our country is facing.

Favourite Friday night dinner at home or restaurant?

We have an incredible Himalayan / Nepalese restaurant in our hood, Hastings. The Goat Curry is a personal favourite on high rotation as our go to takeaway. I?ve become friends with owners and proud to support local businesses.

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