It’s one of the most hotly anticipated Irish releases of 2021 and it’s out on Friday 8th October 2021. We’re talking, of course, about electronic artist and producer Elaine Mai, who has been teasing her debut album ‘Home’ since the very start of this year when she released ‘No Forever (feat. MayKay)’ – a song that went on to become one of the stand out singles of 2021, reaching number 2 in the Irish Radio Breakers Chart and gaining over 3,250 plays on Irish radio alone this year.

1. Any notable app purchases to help you through lockdown?

I go into Lara Croft Go. I really like puzzles and this one really gets you thinking. It was a great distraction. I also used Calm quite a bit during lockdown. I really enjoyed some of their sleep stories and meditations.

2. Have you been doing any fitness classes online?

No, but I did get massively into indoor rowing. This YouTube tutorial kicked it off for me and now I’m doing it 3 or 4 times a week. I really enjoy it because you can watch something while you’re doing it. I’m currently working my way through Midnight Mass on Netflix.

3. Have you bought any tech which has kept you busy over the last 12 months?

I got a Moog Grandmother and that has been so much fun to work/play with. I’ve just started to use it for live also and it’s bringing a lot more movement and spontaneity to my live shows. I love it.

4. Do you now include anything in your daily routine to help you with your mental health or to keep you feeling positive? (CBD, yoga, meditation etc)?

Rowing for me is the main thing and I have found that it massively helps my mood. I find meditation hard, but I am trying to do it more.

5. Are you heading to any wellness retreats etc this summer? Or what holidays do you have planned?

No plans for that, but we are hoping to get to somewhere in Europe this side of Christmas. We visited Budapest at Christmas a few years ago and still talk about it. So aiming for something similar if we can make it happen.

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