Electronic duo EchoStorms release their debut single Tidal Wave: a soaring, melodic dance cut with stunning vocals, backed up with a thumping remix from Chapter & Verse (Repopulate Mars, Atlantic).

EchoStorms are Ben Locke and Katya Fadeeva. Born out of their mutual love for electronic music and informed by their disparate but complimentary musical backgrounds, Echostorms make full-blooded, emotionally-charged dance music that incorporates elements of melodic techno, indie dance and house, resulting in a highly distinctive and electrifying production aesthetic. 

With a sound coined as cinematic tech house, EchoStorms inspired by Ben and Katya constantly travelling the world and absorbing cultural markers on their way, with debut single Tidal Wave announcing the project in highly impactful fashion. 

Creating an atmosphere that’s both reflectively melancholic and incredibly uplifting, Tidal Wave is dance anthem for the ages, with punchy bass and sidewinding synth lines providing the bed for Ben and Katya’s rich, evocative vocals.  

On the remix they’ve enlisted the talents of Chapter & Verse, whose previous releases have landed on storied imprint such as Repopulate Mars and Wyldcard. His remix is a bass-heavy, tech house thumper that still manages to preserve some of the ethereal qualities of the original.

EchoStorms Interview with Frankie Salt

What have you been up to to keep busy over the recent difficult times?

We’ve been super busy recently – in the studio creating and perfecting multiple tracks that will be our next singles and collaborating with some awesome artists. We’ve also been cherry picking the best tracks for our DJ sets – there are some real bangers in there!  So finding things to do really hasn’t been a problem for us!

How did you stay positive when gigs were getting postponed or cancelled?

We just spent all our time in our studio – creating, creating, creating! We know that shows will be back one day and when they are we want our shows to be as amazing as possible so that’s what we focussed on.

Now that bars, pubs and restaurants are reopening, what are you most looking forward to?

Sunday roast of course and sticky toffee pudding (Katya especially)! Also looking forward to a nice game of pool at our local!

What is on the horizon for you musically?

We have lots of exciting stuff coming up – our collaboration with Chapter & Verse is definitely one of the highlights!

If you could travel anywhere in the next year, where would it be?

We are planning to travel to America to tour later this year, so that is a very exciting prospect for us!

Please share your latest track/ creation here…

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