Easy Peelers are an Irish DJ / Producer duo with a passion for house music and a keen interest in all electronic genres who draw specific influence from classic deep house and the new wave of European minimal.

Prior to the pandemic the duo held a DJ residency in Berlin Bar for two years and hosted a series of their own parties in one of Dublin’s most loved clubs Yamamori Tengu. With previous releases on Airtime, Looking back + more, Easy Peelers are Fresh Take regulars, and now return to the label with their new EP Polymorph. 

Thanks for talking to us guys. We know the last couple of years haven’t been the best in terms of travel, but have you discovered any new locations that you’ve enjoyed visiting?

With the restrictions in the last few years, neither of us have been outside the country since 2019 and because of that when summers came around we went on holidays within Ireland. This has definitely given us a new level of appreciation for Ireland as a holiday destination.

When you get the weather here and head anywhere along the west coast, its a beautiful place and very different to Dublin (which is probably most peoples impression of Ireland if they’re only been here for a weekend).

Is travel a big part of your life under normal circumstances?

We both probably take a couple of trips a year in normal restrictions. Kev is a more seasoned traveller with some exotic pins on the map.

Do you have any bits of tech or home comforts you never hit the road without?

Some source of music and earphones and a bluetooth speaker.

Where in the world are you currently based? Does it feel like it’s pretty much back to normal in terms of restrictions/lockdowns?

Jakes based currently based in Donegal (the northwest) with plans of soon returning to Dublin and Kevin is based in Dublin (the capital). In Dublin the return to normality is very clear, there’s an energy and buzz about the place. The atmosphere at gigs / in the clubs is great. Festival season also seems to be back with a bang, with all of the festies we love returning this summer returning.

How did you first get involved in the music scene?

We met through mutual friends when we were in college. Kev and his housemates used throw parties which music was a very important part of, there’d always be DJ’s all night. From those and going to festivals over the years we knew we had similar taste in tunes. Fast forward a couple of years to when we were both living in Dublin, we met up for a few mixes a started a residency in Dublins Berlin bar (now closed unfortunately) and went from there really.

What is it about classic deep house and European minimal that especially appeals to you in terms of inspiring your own productions?

There are few other genres that hit home as much classic deep house (maybe old school east coast Hip Hop). Artists in the vein of Fresh & Low, Kerri Chandler, Boo Williams, Chez Damier, Glenn Underground or Brawther. They’ve all got there own thing going on but constructed with similar components. Crunchy saturated drums, lush deep pads and stabs, and groovy bass lines. 

Then a lot of the stuff coming from Europe that’s shot to popularity in the last couple of years, that kind of PIV / Locus / Meta sound you see artists like Chris Stussy, Djoko, Jesse Maas, Josh Baker or M-High releasing. Definitely draw already draw on the classic deep sound but there’s a different level of energy in them that’s more suited to peak time.

The drums and percussion are glitchy, basslines are more pumping, the synth lines sound futuristic and overall have a bit of a techy feel.

We have to ask about the name Easy Peelers… are you guys big fans of citrus fruits?? 

We probably like them as much as anyone else really. When we started DJing together, ‘peeler’ was just another word we used for a banger. We had been playing together for a bit and couldn’t decide on a name. One morning after a gig we saw a box of mandarins on the kitchen table and it gave us a light bulb moment and went with that.

You’re regulars on Fresh Take – how did you first hook up with the label? 

We had heard some stuff on Fresh Take around the start of 2020 that we liked, and their OG logo of the cartoon milkshake was really eye catching. So we sent our first EP off to the boys, and had a pleasure dealing with them since the first point of contact. The lads gave us our first vinyl opportunity, and we just released our second EP ‘Polymorph’ with them last week. 

Given that self-releasing has never been easier, what role do you think labels still play in getting the most out of artists’ work?

Labels still play a huge part in a lot of ways. Having a sound, an image, a brand and a feel. You could compare it to clothes shopping, maybe a bit of a warped thought; but if some one goes into a shop to buy a pair of trainers, and there’s a pair of Nike Air Max beside a pair of unbranded trainers. They’re probably more likely to try on and go for what they know.

That being said, some artist have a big enough platform and brand to self release successfully. We don’t self release currently, because we feel our work will have a better lifespan and reach released on a label.

For instance releasing on Fresh Take, is great for us because they do a great job in promotion. We get exposure to their audience as well as our own. They look after all of the logistics like artwork, mastering, digital distribution and always hook us with great Youtube premieres on channels we’ve been fans of over the years.  When all of this is taken care of and done well, it gives you as an artist more time and energy to focus on making music. You also feel like your part of the label family / community.

What else should we be looking out for from you this year? 

The next record is due to come out in June or July. Its a track featuring on a various artists’ vinyl compilation compiled by one of our idols. The release has been rescheduled quite a few times in the last year due to worldwide delays with pressing plants, but we’re hoping it lands this time.

You can expect a more classic deep house vibe on this one. We haven’t got any other releases planned as of yet but have a nice few bits in the pipe that will hopefully see releases this year.

Finally, if you could play at any club in the world, for any party, where would you pick? 

Probably The Loft in Amsterdam, never even been to it it just looks insane.


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