Miami’s Doc Brown is known for incendiary performances at EDC and BPM Festival as well as holding a longtime residency aboard the infamous Groove Cruise. This year he has become a label owner for the first time in his career.

Underground House / Subconscious Impulse is Doc?s second release on the label. Underground House is one of the most propulsively brilliant records of his career to date: techy stomper with more energy than a nuclear reactor. Subconscious Impulse is no slouch either, with Doc displaying his propensity for hypnotic, disorientating techno with aplomb.

Unlearn:Records will serve as an outlet for his own fresh, unique take on tech house and techno, as well as showcasing other artists producing incredible music that sits a little outside of the status quo. Expect dark grooves, rolling beats and an abundance of energy with every release.


What is unique about the place you live, or is it famous for something?

Miami is a very unique & special place?there is no other place like it in the world, really.  I think when everyone hears the word ?Miami? they think beaches, clubs & parties?and that is obviously a huge part of what makes Miami an extremely fun city to visit.  Living here, especially in the Coconut Grove neighborhood, has really taught me to appreciate the tropical nature of the area.  Every day I walk around my neighborhood I hear parrots & see amazing colorful trees & flowers; there?s even a crocodile that lives in the marina!  My absolute favorite thing about Miami, though, has to be the coffee!  If you?ve never had a colada (Cuban coffee), you?re really missing out.

Through lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

I?ve basically built my entire quarantine around Sundays, as I?m running a weekly livestream show on Twitch.  It?s been a ton of fun playing & engaging with an entirely new group of fans in a real-time environment.  I?ve been playing extended sets, testing out IDs week-to-week as I work on them, and really getting to dive into my music collection in a way I never have before.  I?m also consuming more new music and at a quicker rate than ever.  I love the thrill of discovering new tracks so it?s really been a great experience for me all around.

Any side hustles or skills you want to share with us?

My previous background was in package design & manufacturing so I still do a fair amount of graphic & web design as well as brokering merch services.  On this new label project, though, creatively it?s been nice to outsource that work and get a different perspective.

You’ve recently launched your label Unlearn – was this as a direct result of having more time to dedicate to music production and promotion? Or was this something you’d been planning for a while?

It was actually something that had been planned for a while.  The label was originally scheduled to launch in March, but with the pandemic we decided to take a moment to see how everything would unfold.  It became quickly apparent that it was going to be a good idea to move forward regardless?the world is always going to need new music and if anything the pandemic has really illustrated who is putting in work.  It?s actually been a very receptive environment growing the brand and I?m thankful to everyone who has been supporting.

What cheeky banger has been playing through your speakers on repeat for the last 6 months?

I?ve really enjoyed having Sacha Robotti & Steve Darko?s ?Whistle Tippin? in the bag over this quarantine.  I just laugh every time I play it & it?s more than just a kitschy vocal sample?the beat is a real thumper.  Everyone seems to get a real kick out of it in the livestreams?it?s one of those tracks you have to watch how often you play it so you don?t wear it out!

Favourite Friday night dinner at home or restaurant?

I have to give a shout out to my amazing girlfriend?she is Italian and makes a delicious homemade red sauce with meatballs & sausage, and if I?m lucky it?ll be served in the evening over a veal or chicken cutlet.  It?s an all-day affair.  We?ll open a bottle (or two) of Sangiovese and eat amazing Italian cheese; it makes the house smell amazing for a day and a half?and we have leftovers to last even longer than that!

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