We’re lucky enough to to have Mujuice join us with our latest city guide where we’re taken on a journey through artists hometown haunts.

We welcome the Acid Techno star to the mag as he introduces us to some of his favourite Moscow hangouts, favourite artists and what makes his hometown unique.

You can stream his new track ‘Wormwood Star’ here.

Where are you from?


When did you begin making music?

I’ve been raving Since 1997.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Eclectic. From Schnittke and Shostakovitch to Velvet Underground & Sonic Youth to Jdilla & Aphex Twin.

Sochi, Russia

What are your favourite places to hang out in Moscow?


Mutabor – at the moment this is the main place of power, the focus of parties in Moscow. Several promotional teams came together and made a truly large-scale project. Here, you can visit both evening concerts and two-day raves.

Mutabor In full flight.

Strelka Bar – fine cocktails and cool parties till the morning
Powerhouse – in the summer there is a green patio, bbq and nice music.


Delicatessen – partisans of the Moscow restaurant business. The place is hidden in the courtyards of apartment buildings. Serving delicacies, my favorite dish is calf brains with pike caviar.

N???????? is a secret place at the epicenter of fancy restaurants on the Patriarch’s Ponds. Literally 2 dozen seats, a lot of seafood and all kinds of wine.


What makes your Moscow unique?

It?s so fast and so galvanised, blood boiling radical techno youth, oligarchs in luxury cars, 18th Century Tsar?s Architecture mixed with Soviet Modernism and modern Urbanism with skyscrapers and public spaces and parks.
16 Million people, a Metropole Monster City Melting Pot.

How do you usually spend your free time?

Friends & Raving / Petnats & Oysters.

For those who have never been to Moscow – what are the five must-see places you would recommend?

1. Saint Basils Cathedral – Psychedelic! The architect was blinded so he would not be able to build a beauty like this anymore
2. Tretyakovskaya Art Gallery – Malevich?s Black Square is here!
3. Stalin?s ?Tooth? Skycrapers – There?s 5 of them. Unique Soviet Futuristic Gothic Legacy
4. Garage Museum – World class Modern art Museum, library, public space (Cafe is great to)
5.  Ostankino Tower – The 4th of tallest towers of the wold

Bars restaurants, bars clubs, rave festivals!

PS. Revolutionary Constructivism Architechture –  There?s a long list, just google it.

Talk us through your album and what’s next up for you?

Regress LP is mostly about the role of rave culture as a reaction to the darkest moments of modern time.

How it perceived, deconstructed and absorbed toxic militaristic aesthetics. And the way rave confronted it.

It was specific in every country but rave itself stood up as an international movement.

Speaking of politics, I guess that in spite of obvious local differences right now this sense of frustration is somewhat that unites everyone everywhere – the image of future is not so determinately clear anymore. This is why Regress sounds mostly dark and repressed, I guess. So at this point it refers to old-school acid techno rave and even gabba and breaks music. But it’s rebuild and deconstructed in more edgy, compound, modular, glitchy way.

You can keep up to date with Mujuice on his socials below.


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