We sat down with Los Angeles based duo Sofi Tukker(Soph and Tuck) to get the lowdown on their latest EP and their favourite places to hang out in LA.

The EP features their hit single ?Swing? which has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify since its July release. The forthcoming EP ?DANCING ON THE PEOPLE?  is set for release on 20th September so watch this space.

On speaking about the EP, the duo explain:

?We have realised over the past year or two of touring that the thing we really want to offer to the world is a feeling of being in community in joy and celebration. We are living in a time when people are increasingly isolated and that’s where shame can grow and fester and ultimately kill our spirits. Our goal is to kill shame, set our spirits free, and be together! That is the common thread throughout the EP and throughout the next phase of our creations.?

Favourite spots in LA to chill-out?

Honestly when we?re in LA we cook most of them time. Sometimes we go to sweetgreen. We love sweetgreen. We chill in the studio most of the time or at the beach.

Home studio sessions

Favourite spots for a night out?

Soph: I recently went to El Floridita to dance salsa and loooved it.

Tuck: I went with our friend LP Giobbi to a party she was DJing and ended up playing with her and it was so fun. It was called Green Room.

What do you love about LA?

We have a really amazing community of artists and friends in LA who are all super creative and inspiring. Everyone?s supporting each other?s art and lives and we love it.

Sunsets with friends…

Can you list some of your favourite party tunes?

Our fave after party tune is the Swing remix by Mahmut Orhan. It?s so sexy and could go on forever and we?d be happy about it. Also, any Nora en Pure.

What are some of your favourite secret spots?

Soph: I love working out at Drake Stadium… it?s open to the public a lot of the time.

Tuck: this little vegan place called double zero. It?s in Venice and has amazing gluten free pizza.

Thanks guys!

You can keep track of what they’re up to on their socials below.


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