Dubbed as ?Norway?s Finest? by legendary DJ and broadcaster, Pete Tong, CLMD has previously built up an insatiable back-catalog of both original productions, and reworks, tackling remix duties for the likes of Bruno Mars, Estelle, Nervo, and Arty.

We sat down with CLMD to ask him some questions to get an insight into a few of his local hotspots and what gets him through the worst hangovers.

  1. What are some of your favourite secret spots including: (Food/Drink/Hotels/Museums)

My secret spots are all in my closest neighborhood, which is what I love about Oslo, everything is so close. It?s the cocktail bar Bortenfor, just down the road from me. It?s just on the riverbank, so it feels secluded and relaxing, especially in summer. I also love Syng, just a few steps further down the river ? it?s a karaoke bar, but who doesn?t love karaoke, and they have the best cheap prosecco in town. I am really attracted to vintage furniture and art, so every few months I go to Sinsen brukthall and look at antiques. I would argue this is the best-kept secret of Oslo. It?s like walking through the wardrobe to Narnia in there, it?s just stuff everywhere. And the people who work there are so passionate about the history of each and every item, so I could spend hours there.

  1. Favourite spots (restaurants/bars) to chill-out?

I don?t have a lot of time to go on ?normal? vacations, so I try to do staycations in Oslo when I can. The Grand Hotel in Oslo is my number one place to go. It?s an institution for artists and has been for a century already. My very unlikely achievable goal in life is to be painted into the massive fresco in Grand Caf?, which includes the greatest artists in the history of the hotel ? like Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch, who both stayed and ate there regularly. The Grands hotel rooms are beautiful as well, I recommend staying in the Mikado Suite. I would also recommend Andre Til H?yre, a cocktail bar in Art Deco style, Chez Colin, a tiny Frech restaurant with the best atmosphere and BA3, a restaurant, bar and club that just constantly delivers on style, drinks, food and music.

  1. Favourite spots for a night out?

The Villa for sure, for anyone with a music taste that resembles mine. This is where you?ll find the best DJs of Oslo. And again, I?d say BA3, just because it?s really everything you need. You could go there for brunch and stay until 3 AM. The masterminds behind BA3 also runs a really nice cocktail bar in Gr?nerl?kka, called Nedre L?kka Cocktail Bar, which is also great. Other great places you?ll find me on a Friday on Saturday night: At Syng, singing karaoke, at Oche playing darts, Oslo Camping playing mini golf or at Angst.

  1. What do you love about Norway?

There are a few things that Norway has, that I have yet to find anywhere else. One of these things are how fast you can go from inner city center, with a 24 hour open McDonalds and techno, to miles upon miles with skiing slopes and 6 feet of snow. I think this unique factor is one of the reasons for all the great Scandinavian music at the moment. Another great thing about Norway are the friendships. People in Norway are including and very family oriented. When people care about you, they really care about you. In an industry that can get really though and break you down, especially when working abroad, it?s such a great escape to come back to the people and the nature of Norway

  1. Can you list us some of your favourite music you like to listen to get through hangovers?

For me its all about the lofi sounds when I?m hungover.. Check out:

Royksopp ? Sparks

Sarcastic Sounds ? I Don?t Love You Anymore

Bokki ? Wherewithal

Gud Boratto ?  Azzurra

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