With releases on Yoshitoshi and NONSTOP already in 2019, CJ Jeff has played a pivotal role in shaping Greece?s dance music scene. With 20 years in the industry, he has a wealth of experience in the electronic music world; from A&R to event promotion, owning label ? Rhythmetic? and as a co-owner and resident of ?Dybbuk? nightclub in Greece which is positioned as an integral part of the electronic music landscape in Athens.

How has your 2019 been so far? What have been some of your highlights?

I can?t complain, we?re halfway through 2019 and so far it?s been very good to me. It marks the 10th consecutive year of my Thursday Night residency at Dybbuk Athens, my home base. I just played a really cool festival in Spain, which was fun. I?m touring more and more internationally, building my profile country by country. My release schedule for 2019 includes NONSTOP, Yoshitoshi, Nervous, Saved and Circus and I?ve just wrapped up a remix of a house classic, the original is by one of the living legends of house music (can?t announce it yet, so stay tuned)? So yeah, for sure 2019 is shaping up to be my best year so far!

You?ve had releases out this year on Yoshitoshi Recordings, tell us more about these? Have you got any other releases lined up?

Yoshitoshi is one of my all time favourite labels, and I will always be grateful to Sharam and the Yoshitoshi fam for giving me a chance with my very first release a few years back, which was the beginning of this relationship that, as far as I?m concerned, should never end. With 3 releases so far and a remix of Eddie Amador, I feel I?ve been 100% accepted into the family!

What is the electronic music scene like back home in Greece? How would describe the Greek Clubbing Ethos?

If I were to compare Greek clubbers to any other party-goers in the world I would say the Brazilians come pretty close. Very involved (none of that ?I?m too cool to dance so I?ll just stand here with my phone and look cool? stuff).

Ask any busy international DJ about their last party in Greece and chances are they will remember it because a good Greek party is a party to remember. Mediterranean souls know good music!!

Can you recommend any clubs to us? What do you think of Cavo and Blue Marlin in Mykonos?

Wow, what can I say – I have been a part of the Cavo Paradiso crew from the early days, 20 years and counting. It is truly one of the best clubs in the world, making it to the top tier of the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs list year after year, it means something, no? They curate their lineups with knowledge of the scene and passion for quality music, not to mention the location is amazing! Blue Marlin Mykonos are the newcomers to the island, I?m happy to be a part of this project and after 2 years of Blue Marlin Ibiza, I?m excited to support the brand in my home country.

Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Where do you see the future of Greek clubbing going? What would be your dreams for it?

I mean – the Greek scene has all the ingredients needed to grow. It?s relatively easy to get to, the country is beautiful, the people are knowledgeable of music and culture and love to party. In my ideal world, Athens and Greece will claim their rightful spot on the international clubbing map of the world. And, I mean ? it?s getting there!! I believe this October the first ever official Sonar will take place in Athens so I?m happy about that. The only way is up, baby!

You?ve held a residency at Dybbuk, Athens for over 15 years. What can people expect from a night there and what is it that makes you not want to leave?

Well, my Thursday Night residency is 15 years old, 10 of which are in Dybbuk. It?s basically my home, my living room, my backyard where friends, old and new gather every Thursday to hang out, dance and shake the week off. It?s my foundation as an artist and as far as I?m concerned, I?m never leaving!


Moving away from Greece now, where else will you be playing this summer in Europe? What are you most looking forward to?

Barcelona, Ibiza, Geneva, Ayia Napa but also Miami and Chicago coming up this summer and more than 60 gigs around Greece?pfff? Let?s do this!!!

Can you give us three recommendations for clubs or festivals our readers should visit this year?

1. Cavo Paradiso Mykonos – 8th August with Fisher

2. Miami – 1st September  (Relic presents)

3. Chicago Incorrect Boat Party ? 31st August (Location TBC)

With further releases coming this year and employing his experiences to push his own music and label, CJ Jeff continues to grow in the industry as he takes his music philosophy worldwide.

Listen to his track ?Daylight? out now on nervous records.

CJ Jeff- ?Daylight?


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