Brand new label Undisputed Music breaks cover with its first release from German artist Chambray: a slick and uplifting house cut that sets out the label?s stall for delivering quality dance music that will stand the test of time.

Chambray is the alias of Andr? Rost who has delivered some dance floor heaters over the years on labels like Rekids, Figure, Dirtybird, Unknown To The Unknown and many more. He’s remixed artists like Boys Noize, Amtrac, Panteros666 and collaborated with Laurent Garnier, Truncate, DJ Haus, Kill Frenzy & VONDA7, so knows a thing or two about delivering a hot musical payload.

Hands Down is an incredible start to the Undisputed legacy: a timeless, uplifting slice of house that sits somewhere between the classic French touch of labels like Roul? and the slicker, more refined sounds that have emerged over the last decade: a devastatingly effective hybrid of underground credibility and crossover potential.


We have all felt the need to escape into another world at points over the last few months.. have any music products helped you to do this? (e.g. noise cancelling headphones for on the move, sleep apps etc)

Creating music is my way to escape from reality and this hasn?t changed over the last few months. I use Ableton because it has a lot of features and is for me the best platform to play around with sounds.

Have you found any apps really useful when traveling locally?

Nothing in particular, the most important app while travelling is Google Maps.

What products have you purchased over the last few months which have helped you to find new spots to go to that are safe for social distancing etc?

I use the ?Corona-Warn? app, provided by the German government, on a daily basis to check if I came in contact with people who tested positive. Other than that, I inform myself about the situation on reliable platforms such as WHO. Because of the clear information and guidance provided on these platforms I was able to plan my long-term stay in Portugal.

How has the lack of international travel options affected you?

I am not able to book any DJ gigs outside of Europe. Which is sad but understandable.

Have you found that you have explored more within your home country?

Yes, I have travelled to the North of Germany and enjoyed a great weekend at the Ostsee of Germany.

Tell us about your latest single Hands Down – was there any specific inspiration behind the record?

As mentioned before, I use Ableton to escape from reality and because of this I got into the flow of creating a lot of new tracks. ?Hands Down? – as the title says – is actually a description of how I felt about producing the track. I got inspired by the little things in life such as going to the grocery store and walking around the block. For me, producing ?Hands Down? felt easy.

You’re releasing on a new label, Undisputed Music – what was it about their ethos that appealed to you?

I like to release music on various labels. Undisputed Music is very supportive and motivated about my music.

Have you hired a campervan, bought any cool products for camping or simply been to a cool local holiday spot?

I have never been abroad for longer than three weeks before my long-term stay in Portugal. This experience has opened my eyes to other possibilities and inspires me to plan more long term trips in the future. Being for a longer period of time in the same country gives me a better understanding of the culture and their way of living. I am able to discover a new culture and on the other hand find also time and inspiration to work on music.

Tell us more about your current exciting music projects or a new skill you are learning?

Over the last year, I have started producing music with my friend Ethan. The result of this is a new music project called YOUS. Ethan comes from the film industry, working as a sound designer and music composer. Together with my experience we are creating a new sound, which I am very excited about.

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