BLOND: ISH began in 2008 as a party night which Vivie-Ann and Anstascia ran at Cherry club Montreal soon after meeting, and which organically became their joint name. With International gigs and releases on labels including Noir Music and Get Physical brought them a fruitful relationship with Kompakt, home to their acclaimed debut album ?Welcome to the Present? in 2015.

Three years on, the duo spread their musical message through regular worldwide appearances including Burning Man, WooMooN, Circoloco and their ABRACADABRA events in Tulum, USA, summer residencies at Scorpios (Mykonos), and hosting their own stage with the brand at Tomorrowland.

Constantly inspired by everything around them on their travels and the people they surround themselves with. We sat down with Vivie-Ann to find out about her recent globe-trotting and what is her suitcase when touring.

When and where did you go on your last trip? What trip is coming up next?

Last trip outside of touring? I don?t remember. Actually, I had one last week, I went to Tokyo for 72 hours all planned around a Dior show our friend was producing.  A crazy weekend of weirdness, parties, wacky food experiences, karaoke, Murakami, teamlab borderless golden ticket exploration, record shopping (Tokyo has over 90 shops), and some late night, off the beaten path venues.

After Electric Paradise, our next trip is planned for Tulum, Mexico. I will be there all of January with many of the world?s travelling music tribe, it feels like the new Ibiza.  Planning our ABRACADABRA party for January 3rd, 2019 and a big beach clean to bring the community together and work on solutions for the sensitive ecosystem there.

You?re playing at Electric Paradise in the Dominican Republic. What items in your suitcase would you pack for a tropical vacation?

1. Doterra Essential Oils – Lavender for extra chill time vibes and burns, Copaiba for an amazing sleep under the stars, clary sage to connect to creativity and nature, digestzen for after dinner and big meals.

2. UE Roll 2 – super slim portable speaker that fits in any carry on that you can hang on trees or float in the water cause its waterproof.

3. A GOOD BOOK – currently reading ‘Awakening the Third Eye’ by Samuel Sagan.

4. Mushroom Supplements ? I love mushrooms, I make capsules full of chaga, reishi, cordyceps and lions mane – keeps me feeling in top shape.

5. Japanese Ippodo Tea Matcha – whenever I go to Japan, I load up on matcha from Uji where it?s grown – because they usually don?t have any matcha in tropical places.

6. Pinch Hot Sauce – ?cause it?s the bomb!

7. Tune Up Balls ? you can give yourself the best massage with them after travelling

8. My AM Sunglasses – (

9. My Refa roller –  I love doing self-care on my way to paradise on flights 😉

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